BA 3rd Year Political Science Syllabus 2022-2023 Session

Today you will get the ba 3rd year political science syllabus for the session 2022-23. 

This syllabus is based on the pattern of the ba 3rd year political science syllabus 2022.

If your university has announced the new or amended syllabus of this subject, then continue with that. 

Every university has its own syllabus and the university professor is the authority to make the syllabus for new students. 

This syllabus is very important for those students who recently appeared in the third year for the next level of study. 

This ba final year political science syllabus guides you to know the related chapter or lesson of this subject. 

The exam preparation tips for students will help them to complete the syllabus in a very short time. 

First, you read the political science ba 3rd year syllabus completely and categories the lesson. 

Then prepare the short and long questions on that particular lesson.

Now write the answer in the notebook in your own words. 

This process helps you to prepare the subject for your upcoming examination.

You will not be overloaded. 

Now come to the point.

BA Final Year Political Science Syllabus

B.A 3rd Year Political Science 1st Paper Syllabus

Paper-1 (Principles Of Public Administration)


  • Meaning, nature and scope of Public Administration; Relation of Public Administration to other Social Sciences; Public and Private Administration; The role of Public Administration in the Modern State; Responsive Administration.


  • Bases of Organization – Primacy of the Functional base; Principles of Organization; Hierarchy; Span of Control; Delegation of Authority; Centralization and Decentralization; Control over Administration: Legislative, Executive and Judicial.


  • The Chief Executive; Line, Staff and Auxiliary Agencies; The Department; Public Corporations; Independent Regulatory Commissions; Field services/agencies; Bureaucracy.


  • Personnel Administration: Recruitment, Training and Promotion; Position Classification; Public Relations; Financial administration; budget, audit.

B.A 3rd Year Political Science 2nd Paper Syllabus

Paper-2 (Indian Political Thought)


  • Manu, Bhishma, Kautilya, Sukra.


  • The Indian Renaissance; Raja Ram Mohan Roy; Gopal Krishna Gokhale; Mahadeo Govind Ranade.


  • Bal Gangadhar Tilak; Aurbindo Ghosh; Swami Vivekanand.


  • M. K. Gandhi; Jawaharlal Nehru; M. N. Roy; Jai Prakash Narain.

B.A 3rd Year Political Science 3rd Paper Syllabus

Paper-3 (International Politics)


  • Meaning, Nature and Scope of International Politics; Theories and Approaches: Traditional Vs Scientific, Behavioral, Idealist, Realist, Systems, Game, Communication; Decision-making.


  • The Modern State System; Power and its elements; National Interest; Balance of Power; Collective Security; Role of Ideology; Foreign Policy – its determinants; Instruments of Foreign Policy – Diplomacy, Propaganda, Economic Instruments and War.


  • Arms Control and Disarmament; Cold War; D├ętente; New-Cold War; Post-Cold War International Politics; Non-alignment and Non-aligned Movement; Problems of the Third World.


  • International Law; Global Organization: The U.N.; Regional Organizations: The European Union; S.A.A.R.C; A.S.E.A.N.

You will some information about political science ba 3rd year book. This textbook helps you to prepare a decent notebook on this subject. 

BA 3rd Year Political Science Book

  • International politics and India's foreign policy - Dr. B. L. Faidia and Dr. Kuldeep Fadia
  • Western political thinkers and international politics - Dr. Pukhraj Jain and Dr. B. L. Faidia
  • Principles of Public Administration, Indian Political Thinking and International Politics - Dr. Pukhraj Jain and Dr. B. L. Faidia

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