BA 2nd Year Public Administration Syllabus 2022-2023 Session

Today you will get the information about ba 2nd year public administration syllabus for the session 2022-23.

This syllabus is very helpful to those who have passed the ba part 1 exam and joined for second-year study. 

If you are one of them then this is a very useful post for you. 

As you know that every university has its own syllabus for the new session and that is prepared by the university professor or authorized person. 

Sometimes universities issued the amendment syllabus for students.

If you did not receive the public administration ba 2nd year syllabus for the new session. 

Then definitely consider this one for the proper guidelines. 

As you know that a good and descriptive syllabus provides valuable content.

You will get the same here. 

This syllabus is given in a descriptive way. 

This syllabus consists b.a 2nd year first paper and the second paper syllabus of public administration with bifurcation. 

This will help you to understand the subject smoothly. 

If your university has announced the new syllabus then leave this and focus your exam preparation according to the guidelines of the university. 

B.A Second Year Syllabus Public Administration

B.A. 2nd Year Public Administration 1st Paper Syllabus

Paper-1 (Indian Administration)

Unit-1 (Evolution of Indian Administration)

  • Evolution:- (i) Administration in Ancient India, (ii) Administration in Medieval India, (iii) Administration in Modern India
  • Features: - Salient features of India Administration; its role in the context of the democratic system and socioeconomic Development.

Unit-2 (Union Government and Administration)

  • President - Powers, function & position
  • Prime Minister - Powers, functions, and position
  • Council of Ministers - Structure, and functions
  • Cabinet secretariat - Structure and functions.
  • Centre-State Administrative Relationship
  • Centre-State Financial Relationship

Unit-3 (Ministries)

  • Union Ministry of Home, its organization & functions
  • Union Ministry of Finance, its organization & functions
  • Union Ministry of Rural Development, its organization & functions.

Unit-4 (Judiciary & Quasi-Judicial bodies)

  • Supreme Court - Structure, powers, and functions.
  • The High Court of a State, structure, Powers & Functions
  • Appointments of Supreme Court & High Court Judges
  • Administrative Tribunals, 
  • Lokpal & Lokayukta

Paper-2 (Indian Administration)

Unit-1 (Personnel Administration)

  • All India Services (AIS):- (i) Indian Administrative Services (IAS), (ii) Indian Police Services (IPS), (iii) Indian Foreign Services (IFS), (vi) Central & State Services in India
  • Financial Administration:- (i) Preparation of Indian Budget, (ii) Enactment of Indian Budget, (iii) Parliamentary Control over Public Finance in India, (iv) Role of Comptroller & Auditor General over Financial administration, (v) Estimate Committee, Public Accounts Committee
  • State Administration:- (i) Governor, his appointment, terms of Office, powers & position, (ii) Council of Ministers & Chief Minister in State Administration, (iii) State Secretariat, (iv) Chief Secretary of the State
  • District Administration:- (i) District Administration, its features & components, (ii) Role of Deputy Commissioner in District Administration, (iii) Superintendent of Police, (iv) Role of Divisional Commissioner in District Administration, (v) Administration and Citizens, (vi) e-Governance, Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Public Administrative Institutions.

Public Administration Books For BA Second Year

B.A. 2nd Year Public Administration 1st Paper Books

  • Dr. K.K. Puri - Indian Administration
  • Dr.V.K. Puri - Indian Administration
  • D.D. Basu - Introduction to the Constitution of India
  • Agrawal - Our Judiciary
  • Awasthi - A Central Administration
  • B.P. Puri - History of Indian Administration

B.A. 2nd Year Public Administration 2nd Paper Books

  • C.P. Berthwal - Public Administration in India
  • Hoshiar Singh - Indian Administration
  • S.R. Maheshwari - Indian Administration
  • S.S. Khera  - District Administration in India
  • Ramesh K. Arora & Rajni Goyal - Indian Public Administration

BA 2nd Year Public Administration Books (Miscellaneous)

  • S.L. Goyal - Personnel Administration and Management
  • Basu Rumki - Public Administration Concepts and Principles
  • CB Gupta - Human Resource Management
  • KK Puri - Personnel Administration and Financial Administration
  • State Administration - Surendra Kataria
  • Indian Administration - R.K. Sapru
  • Government and Politics of Maharashtra - Jain Ashok
  • State Level Planning Administration in India - R.M. Khandelwal
  • Fundamentals of Rural Development: A Systems Approach - Vasant Desai
  • Rural Development Administration and Anti-Poverty Programs - Manohar Singh
  • Modern Office Management - Prof. aid
  • Office Organization and Management - S.P. Arora
  • District Administration - S.S. Kheda
  • District Administration - R.B. Jain
  • State and District Administration in India- J.D. shukla
  • E-Governance from Vision to Implementation - Subhash Bhatnagar
  • E-Governance and Indian Society - Y Pardhasaradhi

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