BA 1st Year Public Administration Syllabus 2022-2023

Today you get the ba 1st year public administration syllabus for the new session 2023.

This syllabus pattern is based on the b.a 1st year syllabus public administration 2022.

Every university has its own syllabus which issues for next year.

The syllabus is the guideline for you to understand the right way for the preparation of upcoming examinations. 

So, be careful to study the syllabus. 

If your university has issued the fresh ba first year public administration syllabus, then continue your study with that. 

Otherwise, you can go with this one for the preparation of your public administration notes. 

This syllabus guides you on what you have to study and which chapters are included in this subject. 

Public administration subject skills leadership quality in the students. 

The key leadership quality includes transparency, humility, adaptability, empathy, and commitment in a person.

This quality helps you to get the job because employers seek it. 

So, study this subject with concentration and zeal for the preparation to get the job.

You will get the public administration b.a. 1st year syllabus with bifurcation. 

That will help you to get the paper-wise study materials.

Public Administration BA 1st Year Syllabus

B.A 1st Year Public Administration 1st Paper Syllabus

Paper-1 (Administrative Theory)


  • Public Administration: Meaning, Nature, Scope, and Significance.
  • Evolution of Public Administration.
  • Public and Private Administration: Similarities and Dissimilarities.
  • Public Administration as an Art and Science.
  • Relationship of Public Administration with Political Science, Sociology and Economics.
  • New Public Administration: New Public Management


  • Principles of Organization: Hierarchy, Unity of Command, and Span of Control,
  • Centralization: Meaning, merits & demerits
  • Decentralization: Meaning, merits & demerits
  • Delegation: meaning, need, elements and hindrances
  • Supervision: meaning, need and methods of supervision
  • Authority and Responsibility


  • Forms of Organization: Meaning,
  • Elements and Basis of Organization.
  • Formal and Informal Organization: Meaning, Significance.
  • Difference between Formal and Informal Organization
  • Theories of Organization: Brief introduction of Scientific Management Theory,
  • Human Relations Theory
  • Bureaucratic Theory


  • Decision making: meaning, types and functions
  • Leadership: meaning, types and functions
  • Communication: meaning, importance and types
  • Coordination: meaning, importance and methods of effective coordination

B.A 1st Year Public Administration 2nd Paper Syllabus

Paper-2 (Indian Administration)


  • Evolution of Indian Administrative System: Brief account of Indian Administration during the ancient period, Mughal period, British Rule and after Independence.
  • Indian Administration: Nature, Legacy and Features of Indian Administration


  • Civil Services in India: Structure of Civil Services, Nature, Role and Rationale, Recruitment of Civil Services
  • Recruitment agencies: Union Public Service Commission: Organization Structure, Functions and Role
  • State Public Service Commission: Organization Structure, Functions and Role


  • Constitutional Authorities
  • Finance Commission: Organizational structure, functions and role
  • Election Commission: Organizational structure, functions and role
  • Comptroller and Auditor General of India: Organizational structure, functions and role


  • The problem of corruption in Indian Administration: Meaning, Causes and Control, Lok Pal and Lokayukta: Role and responsibilities
  • Citizen’s Charter: meaning, significance
  • Right to Information Act, 2005: Objectives and main provisions 

You will get a piece of decent information about public administration ba 1st year book with the writer's name for the guidance of notes preparation. 

BA Public Administration Books

B.A 1st Year Public Administration 1st Paper Book

  • Public Administration - Vishnu Bhushan Bhagwan
  • Public Administration - Avasthi and Maheswari 
  • Public Administration - M.P. Sharma
  • Administrative Theory - Sriram Maheshwari
  • Public Administration - Fadia & Fadia
  • Principles & Practice of Public Administration - A.R.Tyagi
  • Theory and Practice of Public Administration - Smita Srivastava
  • Public Administration (Concepts and theories) - Rumki Basu

B.A 1st Year Public Administration 2nd Paper Book

  • Introduction to the study of the Indian constitution - D.D Basu
  • India’s constitution Asia - M.V. Pyle
  • Indian Govt and Politics - Ghai
  • Indian Political System - J.C Johari
  • Indian Administration - S.R Maheswari
  • Public Administration - Rajesh K. Jha
  • Indian Administration - Pankaj Singh & Hoshiar Singh
  • The Puzzle of India’s Governance - Subrata K. Mitra

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