Philosophy BA 1st Year Most Important Questions 2024

You will get in this post philosophy ba 1st year most important questions for the 2024 session. 

These questions have been taken from the question bank. 

You should focus on solving it carefully. 

These philosophy ba part 1 important questions have already been asked in the past examination. 

But these are still important for the upcoming examinations. 

These questions were selected randomly from the question set. 

Now the new authentic question set is ready for you. 

These have been repeated several times in question papers in the past. 

You can use these questions to make good notes of the philosophy subject. 

That will help to enhance your confidence in examination preparation.

As you know philosophy subject is to share knowledge and discuss truths and principles.

This subject is an approach to the examination of reality as well as synonymous with the search for the meaning of life. 

You can use the NCERT books to know better this subject. 

If you want to memorize the answer to philosophy ba 1st year question paper, then write it in your notebook. 

Now learn the related chapter in your university textbook. 

Then use your own words to write the answer. 

This process will help you to memorize the ba 1st year philosophy question paper answer smoothly.

The total marks for the questions of the Philosophy paper will be 75 and 3 hours will be given to answer them. 

Changes are possible according to the university.

Let's start to write the answer.

BA 1st Year Philosophy Question Paper 2023-24

B.A 1st Year Philosophy 1st Paper Question

  • Give a critical analysis of Charwaka's Materialism.
  • Explain the concept of 'Dravya' in Jainism.
  • Define the following- Materialism, Anuvrata, Perception, Dravya, Vyapti, Pranayam, Prakriti, Vivartavad, Momentariness, Liberation
  • Explain the general characteristics of Indian philosophy.
  • Evaluate Charvaka's epistemology.
  • Discuss the 'Syadvada' of Jain philosophy.
  • Describe the second Noble Truth in Buddhism.
  • Write a short note on Samkhya's Satkaryavad.
  • Discuss the Ashtanga Yoga.
  • Write an essay on 'God' given by Nyay.
  • Discuss in detail any three padartha of Vaisheshika.
  • Explain the theory of Swatah-Pramanyavad of Mimamsa.
  • Describe the nature of Brahma according to Ramanuja.
  • Describe the nature and proofs of the existence of 'Prakriti' given by Samkhya.
  • Explain the nature and types of Anumana according to Nyay.
  • Discuss the relation between Brahma & World according to Shankara.
  • Discuss the fundamental features of Indian philosophy.
  • "The metaphysics of Chavarka is based on its epistemology". Discuss it.
  • Describe the nature of the soul in Jain philosophy.
  • Explain the evidence to prove the existence of God of Nyaya philosophy.
  • Explain the substance called the absence of Vaiseshik philosophy.
  • Explain the three qualities of Samkhya's philosophy nature.
  • Explain the meaning and importance of Samadhi in Yogdarshan.
  • Explain the nature of Maya according to Shankaracharya.
  • According to Ramanuja, explain the nature of the soul.
  • Explain the difference between a sentence and a proposition.

B.A 1st Year Philosophy 2nd Paper Question

  • Discuss Aristotle's notion of matter and form.
  • Explain Leibnitze monadology.
  • Define the following:- Idealism, Material cause, Dualism, Tabula Rasa, Monad, Empiricism, Scepticism, Subjective Idealism, Interactionism, and Intellect delivery method.
  • Elaborate on the characteristics of the Socratic method.
  • "Knowledge is a virtue". Explain this thought according to Socrates.
  • Explain the theory of causation by Aristotle.
  • Discuss the theory of ideas by Plato.
  • Explain the dualism of Descartes.
  • Evaluate the "Pre-established harmony" theory of Leibnitz.
  • How does Locke refute innate ideas? Explain.
  • Explain the concept of 'Substance' according to Spinoza.
  • How does Berkeley refute the material objects? Discuss.
  • Write an essay on 'Scepticism' by Hume.
  • Explain the epistemology of Socrates.
  • Explain the nature and source of knowledge according to Locke.
  • Evaluate 'Esse Est Percipi' by Berkeley.
  • Write an essay on the emergence of Western philosophy.
  • Explain Aristotle's principle of causality.
  • Explain the proofs of God Siddhi of Thomas Aquinas.
  • Descartes, explains the relationship between mind and body.
  • Explain the nature of matter according to Spinoza.
  • Explain how Berkeley denies the existence of inert matter.
  • Question - Explain Hume's skepticism.
  • Briefly explain Kant's epistemology.
  • Define the following - Idealism, Substantive Reason, Dualism, Tabula Rasa, Chidnu, Empiricism, Skepticism, Subjective Idealism
  • Explain the features of the Socratic method.
  • 'Knowledge is a virtue' according to Socrates, explain this idea.
  • Discuss Plato's concept theory.
  • Explain Dunkart's dualism.

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