B.A Third Year Philosophy Syllabus 2022-2023 Session

Today you can get the b.a third year philosophy syllabus for the session 2022-23 in detail. 

This syllabus is very important for new third-year students.

As you know that syllabus plays an important role to guide university professors and students, on what they should study in class.

Every university issued a new or amended syllabus with the help of a professor for the new session.

Your university has done the same job.

If you did not get this then you can take the help of the below-given b.a. 3rd year philosophy syllabus.

We tried to provide this in systematic ways. Bifurcated the syllabus paper-wise for your convenience.

This is a common syllabus and the main motive is to guide the students on what chapters will be studied in this subject.

You will get b.a. 3rd year philosophy syllabus in the English language.

This syllabus helps you to prepare your notes chapter-wise before the revision of examinations. 

Studying philosophy improves your reasoning skills. That skill will be very useful to make your career. 

So, focus to learn about the questions related to this b.a final year philosophy syllabus.

This will help you to distinguish between good and worthless questions.

Now come to the point.

BA Part 3 Philosophy Syllabus

B.A. 3rd Year Philosophy Syllabus 1st Paper

Paper-1 (Philosophy Religion)


  • 1 Philosophy of religion: nature and concern.
  • 2 Religion: origin and types, religion without God, atheism, theism deism, pantheism.
  • 3 Reason, faith and revelation. 
  • 4 The concept of dharma.


  • 1 God: omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, eternity, goodness.
  • 2 Problem of evil.
  • 3 Proofs for the existence of God: Indian and Western.


  • 1 Prayer and bhakti.
  • 2 Immortality of the soul, transmigration and the doctrine of karma.
  • 3 Religious experience: Brahmanubhava, mysticism.
  • 4 Religious language: cognitivist and non-cognitivist debate.

B.A. 3rd Year Philosophy Syllabus Second Paper

Paper-2 (Samikhya Yoga)


  • 1 Isvarkrsna's Samkhya Karika with Vachaspati Mishra's Commentary Samkhya Tattva Kaumudi, Karika


  • 1 Samkhya Karika, Karika
  • 2 Patanjali Yoga Surta, Pada 1


  • 1 Pada2
  • 2 Pada 3 (Sutras 1 to 3 only) 

B.A. 3rd Year Philosophy Syllabus Third Paper

(Social and Political Philosophy)

  • Social philosophy- Its Nature and relation to sociology.
  • Relation between individuals and society.
  • Civic Duty.
  • Tradition and Modernity.
  • Caste and Class, Marriage and Divorce.
  • Private Property, Doctrine of Trusteeship.
  • Political Philosophy – Its Nature and its distinction from political science.
  • Political concepts; Rights and Duties, Liberty, Equality, Justice and power, Political Obligation.
  • Political Ideologies:- Democracy, Socialism, Marxism communism, Monarchy, Anarchy, Satyagraha, Sarvodaya.

B.A. 3rd Year Philosophy Syllabus Fourth Paper

(Logic and Analysis)

  • Nature of Logic, Symbolic Logic - Its Characteristics and utility, Nature of Argument- Truth and validity, simple and compound statements, implication and Negation.
  • Argument and Argument forms, Determination of validity and Invalidity with the help of Truth Table.
  • Determination of Tautology, Contradiction, and contingency by a truth table.
  • Determination of Material and Logical Equivalence by a truth table.
  • General introduction of Analysis – the word meaning, Different meanings of the word "Meaning" figurative and emotive meaning.
  • Definition – its Nature, Definition by equivalent Definition by Denotation, Definition by connotation.
  • Concepts – Their formation, concepts, Images, concepts, and experience.
  • Sentences and Propositions – Criteria of Sentence Meaning.

B.A. 3rd Year Philosophy Books

B.A. 3rd Year Philosophy Book List In English

1. Philosophy of Religion

  • The Philosophy of Religion- G. Galloway.
  • The Philosophy of Religion- D.M. Edward
  • The Philosophy of Religion- Joha Hick
  • An Introduction to Religious Philosophy- Y. Masih
  • Mysticism and faith- W. T. Stace
  • Introduction to the philosophy of Religion- John Caird.
  • Dharma Darshan- Prachaya evam PPashchatya- Yakub Masih
  • Dharma Darshan ki Ruprekha- Harendra Prasad Sinha.

2. Social and Political Philosophy

  • Outlines of Social Philosophy- J.S. Mackerjie
  • Social Philosophy for Beginners- R.N. Kaul.
  • Rajniti Shastra- V.P. Verma
  • Samaj Darshan Evam Rajniti Darshan- A.K. Verma
  • Samaj Darshan : Saidhantik evam Samasyatmak Vivechan- Dr. Hriday Narain Mishra.

3. Logic and Analysis

  • Symbolic Logic- I. M. Copi
  • Introduction to Logic- I.M. Copi
  • An Introduction to Philosophical Analysis- John Hospers.
  • Pratikatnak Tarkashastra- R.S. Mishra
  • Pratikatnak Tarkashastra- A.K. Verma

4. Indian Philosophy & Modern Indian Philosophy

  • Bhartiya Darshan Ke Mool Sampratyaya- Karyanand
  • Samkalin Bhartiya Darshan- R.C. Sinha
  • Concepts of Indian Philosophy- N.V. Joshi
  • Contemporary Indian Philosophy- B.K. Lal
  • Contemporary Indian Philosophy- B.K. Lal
  • Contemporary Indian Philosophy- Margaret Chatterjee.

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