B.A Second Year Psychology Important Questions 2024

Today we are discussing b.a second year psychology important questions 2023-2024 for upcoming examinations.

These questions are collected from the question bank. 

That contains past year's question papers. 

As you see so many questions repeat in the examination, which is already asked in the past paper.

These questions may be repeated in the upcoming examination. 

So, prepare the answer very carefully. 

The main point is that you have to prepare the answers to these ba 2nd year psychology question papers in your own words. 

You can take the help of your university textbook psychology ba 2nd year. 

Read the relevant chapters very carefully and focus on writing the answer in simple words. 

A handwritten answer takes a very short time to memorize. 

You can keep it in your memory for a long period.

Before starting to write the answer, match the questions from your syllabus too. 

If you feel the questions are not matching with your syllabus then treat these b.a 2nd year psychology question papers as a model paper for the exam. 

These questions are guess papers for students. 

But very helpful to understand the pattern of questions, which ask in exams.

Let's start to write the answer.

B.A 2nd Year Psychology 1st Paper Question

  • Define Reliability. Discuss the types of reliability.
  • Write the meaning and uses of statistics. Discuss different types of statistics.
  • Write the characteristics and applications of the normal probability curve.
  • What do you understand by frequency distribution? Explain the graphical representation of group data.
  • Write the meaning, characteristics, and utilities of psychological tests in detail.
  • Write short notes on- Mean and median, Range and Standard Deviation, Difference between Parametric and Non-Parametric statistics, Meaning and types of validity, Importance of statistics in psychological measurement, Frequency Distribution, and Steps of Test Construction.

B.A 2nd Year Psychology 2nd Paper Questions

  • Describe the causes of violence.
  • Define social Psychology and describe any two methods of Social Psychology.
  • What is meant by prejudice? Explain the methods through which it can be reduced.
  • What is personality? Describe cultural determinants of personality.
  • What is meant by altruism? Describe the theories of altruism. 
  • Write short notes on the nature of Social Psychology, Meaning and characteristics of attitude, Types of Prejudice, Case study method, Violence and Aggression, Role of Social Psychology in business, Negative effect of prejudice, and Social determinant of altruism.

B.A 2nd Year Psychology 3rd Paper Questions

  • Discuss various traits of a leader.
  • Define group Discusses its different types.
  • Discuss observation method in social Psychology.
  • Discuss the factors involved in the socialization process.
  • Define attitude? How attitudes are formed?
  • What is public opinion? How it can be formed?
  • Explain different modes of communication.
  • Describe characteristics of group cohesiveness.
  • Discuss the method of reduction of prejudice.
  • Write short notes on- (a) Survey method (b) Measurement of attitude (c) Group Morale (d) Types of leadership

B.A 2nd Year Psychology 4th Paper Questions

  • Discuss thoughts of humanistic Psychology.
  • Discuss the main contribution of the Gestalt School.
  • Evaluate the Contributions, Wundt.
  • Discuss major tenets of structuralism,
  • Discuss the main contribution of functionalism.
  • Distinguish between watsonion and post-watsonion behaviorism.
  • Distinguish between Freudian and Jungian Psychology.
  • Discuss the main contribution of the Freudian Psychoanalytic School of Psychology.
  • Explain the contributions of John Dewey,
  • Write short notes on:- (a) Cognitive Psychology (b) Adler's Psychology, (c) Structuralism

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