B.A. Final Year Home Science Important Questions 2024

You will get b.a final year home science important questions for the session 2024.

These questions will help you to understand the pattern of questions of upcoming examinations. 

The best way to get good marks in examinations is to practice these types of question sets. 

This will improve your confidence level and energize you to look forward to the preparation.

As you know this subject is called Griha Vigyan in Hindi.  

It is such a science, that deals with the upbringing of children, human development, interior decoration, clothing, homemaking, culinary, nutrition, and home economics. 

Today, you will get a collection of important questions for the home science ba 3rd year in this post. 

With the help of these b.a. 3rd year home science model paper series, you will be able to understand the nature and type of questions. 

This is a good subject in terms of your career too. This will help you to make your career in teaching and other fields to earn money.

Now come to the point.

First of all, write these questions in the home science b.a 3rd year notes book and read the related chapter from the textbook. 

Now write the answer of ba third year home science questions in your own words. 

This process will save you time for revision. 

You will get the time to answer ba 3rd year home science question paper in three hours and the full marks will be 80. 

Time and full marks may vary from university to university. 

Let's start to write the answer. 

BA Third Year Home Science Questions

BA 3rd Year Home Science 1st Paper

Paper-1 Introduction to Textiles and Clothing

  • What are the effects of acid and base on natural fibers?
  • What is 'Retting'? Describe it.
  • What point should be kept in mind while taking measurements?
  • Write the answer in 50 words:- (1) Define fiber (2) Importance of Drafting (3) Block Printing (4) Kinds of Silk (5) Mixed fiber (6) Define 'Filament (7) Parts of a Loom (8) Methods of Ginning (9) Name of the natural fiber
  • Which wool is known as "Class one wool".
  • Explain the general principles of clothing construction.
  • Describe the physical properties of silk.
  • Write the difference between woolen and worsted fabric.
  • Describe 'natural colours'.
  • Explain the method of Batik Printing.
  • Write the names of different basic weaves and explain any one of them.
  • Discuss the parts of the sewing machine.
  • What do you understand by dyeing? Explain various methods of dyeing.
  • What points you will remember while choosing the clothes for home?
  • Explain the classification of textile fibers. 
  • Why Rayon is termed as a manmade fibre? Explain types of Rayan.
  • Write a note on natural and synthetic dyes.
  • Define textile?
  • Discuss the process of making yarn.
  • Describe the chemical and Physical properties of cotton. 
  • Enumerate the defects of the Machine. Describe the measures for their eradication.
  • Describe in brief methods of spinning
  • Explain important points for the selection of fabrics.
  • Describe the utility of Paper Patterns.
  • Write Short notes on the following:- (a) Dyeing and Printing  (b) Methods of spinning (c) Woolen Garments

BA 3rd Year Home Science 2nd Paper

Paper-2 Extension Education

  • What is formal education?
  • What is the individual contact method?
  • Define extension Education. Describe its scope. Define the role of extension education.
  • What is an overhead projector?
  • What do you understand by the authoritarian leader?
  • Define the Characteristics of rural upliftment.
  • What do you understand by Group Organization?
  • Define the Qualities of a Good Leader.
  • Define methods of Extension Education.
  • What do you understand by Communication?
  • What is Social Development?
  • What do you understand by Adult Education?
  • What is Need? Explain in the context of Extension Education.
  • What is rural development? Describe the importance of rural sociology for extension workers. 
  • What do you understand by Laggards?
  • What is program planning? Write down the steps of Program planning and its role in India.
  • What do you understand by extension education? Write down the principles and objectives of extension education.
  • Classify the extension teaching methods according to their use. What are the factors affecting the choice of extension methods?
  • What are the different styles of leadership? Explain the role of a leader in Extension Education.
  • Write an essay on "Extension Teaching Methods and Aids.
  • What do you mean by Audio-visual aids? Describe its advantages. 
  • Explain its Principles of community organization.
  • Describe the advantages and importance of evaluation. 
  • Write short notes on any two of the following:- (a) Programme Planning (b) Method of Approach (c) Indian rural Life

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