B.A 3rd Year Geography Important Questions 2023

Today we are providing b.a 3rd year geography important questions for the session 2022-23.

These questions are the collection. 

These are prepared for you for the upcoming examinations.

These are the geography questions, which may be asked you in the 2023 examination.

You have to prepare the answer to these ba 3rd year geography question paper.

So, first of all, you have to read the related chapter in the book and understand the meaning of the thought. 

Then try to write the answer in your geography notebook in your own words. 

This process will help you to memorize the answer and save you time too. 

The second benefit will be that you can keep the answer in your memory for a long period. 

This is a ba 3rd year geography model paper for the practice. 

You can get good marks on paper if practice it seriously. 

Basically, this question set is based on the pattern of b.a 3rd year geography paper 2022. 

Many students guess the question for the examination and they put a good effort into this process. 

But that is not authentic and it may be possible the process will be failed. 

If they focus to solve the past question paper, that helps them more. 

Come to the point.

Geography BA 3rd Year

B.A 3rd Year Geography 1st Paper Questions

Paper-1 Geographical Thought and Applied Geography

  • Write short notes on:- Principles of action, Throw light on the period of Dark Age in Europe, Geographical discovery of Columbus, Geo-Politics, Possibilism
  • Write about the book 'Erdkunde'
  • What are Dualisms
  • What is called the Holy land? Why?
  • Write the names of any books by Homer
  • Write the subdivision of Human Geography.
  • Explain the relationship between Systematic and Regional Geography.
  • Write a short note on Neo Determinism.
  • Evaluate the contribution of 'Strabo' in the development of Geography.
  • Explain the main aspects of geographical studies during the Roman period.
  • What do you understand by regional, variation?
  • Discuss the place of Geography in Sciences?
  • Is man a slave of nature? Explain.
  • Write briefly about the Geographical ideas of the Greek Geographers.
  • Describe the contribution of Geographers of 'Soviet Russia' to Geography.
  • Outline the major Geographical contributions of 'Huntington'.
  • Describe the main features of ancient Indian Geographers.
  • Discuss the importance of the concept of spatial distribution in Geography.
  • Discuss the work of 'Carl Savar' in the progress of Geography.
  • Evaluate the contributions of Ratzel in Geography. 
  • Discuss the contribution of Vidal-De-la-Blache toward geographical thought.
  • What is dualism in geography? Explain the dualism of determinism and possibilism.
  • Discuss the agricultural location theory of Von Thunen.
  • What is the model? Describe various types of models in geography.
  • What is Applied Geography? Describe its scope.
  • Write an essay on the man-environment relationship.
  • Explain the meaning of sustainable development, and give an account of its objective.
  • Describe the regional problems of India. What efforts have been made to overcome them?

B.A 3rd Year Geography 2nd Paper Questions

Paper-2 World Regional Geography

  • Write short notes on- (a) Functional Region (b) Hydro-electricity in the U.S.A (c) Nile Valley (d) Rubber cultivation in Brazil (c) Cotton production in Egypt
  • Divide the U.S.A into the agricultural region and describe the salient features of any one of them.
  • Divide Brazil into physiographic regions and discuss their characteristics.
  • Analyze the basics of the tripartite division of the world. 
  • Divide the world into natural regions and describe the salient features of any one of them.
  • Divide the USA into major industrial regions and discuss the salient characteristics of any one of them.
  • Describe the climatic regions of Brazil.
  • Describe the production and distribution of coffee in Brazil.
  • Describe the characteristics of industrial regions in Egypt.
  • Describe the physiographic regions of Egypt.
  • Describe the concept and types of region. 
  • Discuss the major characteristics and economies of developing countries.
  • Describe the physiographic regions of the USA.

(Human and Settlement Geography) Questions

  • Explain the economic and social activities of man in the mountainous region.
  • Give an account of the main physical, economic and cultural features of the monsoon or desert region.
  • Discuss the trends of population growth in the world.
  • Critically evaluate the demographic transition theory.
  • Describe briefly the main cultural regions of the world.
  • Describe the economic, social, and cultural aspects of Santhals.
  • Present an account of the meaning and scope of Settlement Geography.
  • Describe with sketches the patterns of rural settlement in India.
  • Discuss the causes and consequences of rural-urban migration in India.
  • Classify towns, with examples, on the basis of function.

B.A 3rd Year Geography 3rd Paper Questions

Paper-3 (Population Geography & Bio Geography)

  • Define Population Geography and throw light on its scope.
  • Discuss the pattern of population growth in developed and developing countries.
  • Give an account of the distribution of population in India.
  • Discuss the progress of literacy in India during the post-Independence decades.
  • Throw light on the problems arising out of the growing urban population.
  • Critically examine the population policy of the Government of India.
  • Define biogeography and discuss its relation with other sciences.
  • Classify Indian soils and describe their salient features.
  • Describe the vegetation and animal communities of the desert region.
  • Describe the impact of social forestry on local ecology.

B.A 3rd Year Geography 4th Paper Questions

(Environmental Geography, Regional Development & Planning)

  • What is ecology? Describe its scope.
  • Discuss human ecological adaptation.
  • Give an account of the causes and consequences of air pollution.
  • What measures are required for the conservation of the ecosystem? Evaluate them.
  • What do you mean by rural-urban blight? How can this problem be reduced?
  • Describe the components of the ecosystem.
  • Make a comparative study of formal and functional regions.
  • Give an account of the concept of growth poles.
  • Discuss micro-level planning in India.
  • Discuss the causes of regional economic disparity in India.

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