B.A 2nd Year Sociology Syllabus 2022-2023 Session

We are providing b.a 2nd year sociology syllabus for the session 2022-2023. 

This syllabus helps you to know what will be read in this subject.

This syllabus is common for all. 

This is based on the concept to help the students to understand the subject smoothly. 

As you know that every university announced every year a new modified or amended syllabus for the students. 

Sometimes they delayed issuing the syllabus. 

Then this ba 2nd year sociology syllabus helps to guide you.

We have categorized the syllabus chapter-wise for convenience. 

This ba second year sociology syllabus helps those students, who have passed ba part 1 examination and joined in the second year.

They can not get the updated syllabus instantly. 

So, this will helpful for them. 

The sociology syllabus ba 2nd year 2022 was easy to understand and less time taking too. 

Similarly, the 2023 syllabus has the same capacity and is easy for you. 

B.a. second year sociology syllabus has a shorter syllabus and is very easy to understand. 

This is a scoring subject and you can opt for it for a competitive examination. 

You can say it is a social science.

This 2023 syllabus is as helpful as ba 2nd year sociology syllabus 2022. 

B.A. 2nd Year Sociology Syllabus

Paper-2: Indian Social Institutions

  • Indian social institutions a test - marriage varnashrama, joint family, purusharth, Karma, and place of women.
  • Muslim Family - Marriage, Status of Muslim Women, Divorce.
  • Indian Caste-System – Caste-System, Characteristics, Caste Changes, Caste and Class.
  • Organization, work and pressure with special reference to Panchayati Raj Bihar.
  • Collective Development - Meaning, Goal Achievement, and Movement.
  • Sarvodaya and Bhoodan - Social Ideas and Movements.
  • Rural community - meaning, nature, characteristics.

Paper 3: Social Psychology

  • Definition and scope, relation to other social sciences.
  • Motivation - perception, effect on human personality.
  • Socialization - Perception, status, agency, Cooley and Freud's theory.
  • Attitude - perception and formation, determination, and change of attitude.
  • Culture and personality - perception and relationship.
  • Leadership - Concept, Types, Functions, and Functions of Democratic Leadership.
  • Group - Perception, Type.
  • Rumor - Concept, Types, Definition and Art.
  • Folk thought - Formation of perception, measurement and nature of democracy.
  • Group Mind - Ideas, Characteristics, Theory and Practice of Group Mind

Paper-4: Social Research

  • Social Research and Surveying - In perception, social research and social survey Variations 
  • Scientific Method - Meaning and Characteristics.
  • Hypothesis - Collection, Types, Limitations, Significance.
  • Method of Material - (i) Observation, (e) Personal Study, (e) Interview
  • Questionnaire and schedule as directed - Perception, strength and reliability.
  • Scale Construction - Linkt, Borders, Sociology (Society Metri).
  • Research Model - Exploratory and Descriptive Research Model.
  • Feminist Methodology

BA 2nd Year Sociology Book 2022-2023 Session

BA Second Year Sociology Book

  • Social Processes and Change - Dr. G.K.Agarwal
  • Rural-Urban and Tribal Society - Dr. G.K.Agarwal
  • Sociology - Prof. M.L. Gupta & Dr. D.D.Sharma
  • Sociology of Tribal Society - Dr. G.K.Agarwal
  • Crime and Society - Dr. G.K.Agarwal
  • Indian Society Issues and Problems - TB Singh
  • Social Change and Social Control - TB Singh
  • Indian Social Institutions - Ravindra Mukherjee & G.K.Agarwal
  • Outline and Introduction to Social Anthropology - Ravindra Mukherjee, Madan, and Majumdar (respectively)
  • Social Psychology - Nagina Prasad, Ram Baleshwar Singh

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