BA 2nd Year History Syllabus 2023-2024 Session

Today we are discussing the ba 2nd year history syllabus for the session 2023-2024. 

This syllabus contains all the chapters on this subject.

This syllabus is very helpful to those students who have passed ba part 1 and entered ba part 2 for the next level of education. 

First of all, you focus on your university syllabus, if that is not available then go with this. 

This syllabus is perfect to provide the right guidelines for you to understand the subject smoothly.

You will get the information on what you should read in this subject to prepare for the upcoming examinations.

This is for the session of 2024 but we have focused on maintaining the standards of b.a. 2nd year history syllabus 2023. 

As you know every university issued a new syllabus for his/her students with amendments. 

So, if this does not match with the BA second year history syllabus of your university then treat it as a common syllabus.

You will get some good information about the books on this subject with the names of writers too in this post.

These books are textbooks and are best to enhance your history knowledge from the base level. 

Let's start.

B.A. 2nd Year History Syllabus

B.A 2nd Year History Syllabus 1st Paper

Paper-1: History of India (1740 A.D. to 1947 A.D.)


  • The advent of European Companies in India.
  • Anglo-French rivalry and the Three Carnatic Wars.
  • Growth of British power in Bengal.
  • Lord Clive’s second governorship of Bengal.
  • Warren Hastings – Reforms and relations with Awadh, Marathas, and Mysore.
  • Lord Cornwallis, Sir John Shore -Policy of non-intervention, reforms.


  • Lord Wellesley.
  • Relationship between British and Mysore, Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan.
  • Lord William Bentinck,
  • Ranjit Singh.
  • Annexation of Sindh, Ist Afghan War.


  • Lord Dalhousie.
  • Administration of Lord Lytton, Lord Ripon, and Lord Curzon.


  • Constitutional Development in India: - Regulating Act of 1773, Pitts India Act of 1784, Charter Act of 1833, Government of India Act of 1858, Declaration of Queen Victoria of 1st November 1858, Indian Council Act of 1909, Government of India Act of 1919, Government of India Act 1935, Indian Independence Act of 1947.
  • British rule in India – an assessment.

B.A 2nd Year History Syllabus 2nd Paper

Paper 2: History of Europe (1789 A.D. to 1918 A.D.)


  • French Revolution - Causes, events, impact on the world.
  • Rule of Directory - Problems, foreign policy, end of Directory rule.


  • Napoleonic Era- Early achievements,
  • Napoleon was the First Consul and Napoleon as Emperor.
  • Continental System, Causes of Napoleon's downfall.
  • Vienna Congress - Main principles and working, reconstruction of Europe.
  • The Concert of Europe - Its significance, causes of its failure.


  • Age of Metternich - Metternich and the Austrian empire, German confederation and Metternich, Downfall of Metternich and its causes, evaluation.
  • The Revolution of 1830 - Causes, significance, and effects.
  • The Revolution of 1848 - Louis Philippe's home and foreign policy, causes of revolution, main events, impact, and causes of failure.


  • Napoleon III - Home policy, foreign policy, causes of downfall.
  • The Unification of Italy - Different steps of the unification, significance.
  • Unification of Germany - Steps of German unification, Bismarck’s policy of blood and iron.
  • Eastern Question - The Crimean War - causes and effects.
  • Circumstances leading to the First World War.

Now introduce some decent b.a second year history book with a writer name for you. 

These books are very helpful to you to get authentic knowledge of history subjects. 

BA Second Year History Book

BA 2nd Year History Book Name & Its Writers

  • Dr. A.L. Srivastava - Mughal Empire
  • RP Tripathi - The Rise and Fall of Mughal India
  • Irfan Habib - The Agricultural System of Mughal India
  • LW Moreland - The Agricultural System of Muslim India
  • JN Government - Brief History of Aurangzeb
  • W H Morland - India on the Death of Akbar
  • GS Sardesari - A New History of the Marathas
  • HN Sinha - Rise of the Peshwas
  • AB Habibullah - Foundation of Muslim rule in India
  • United Nations Day - Government of the Sultanate
  • A. Mehdi Hasan - Tughlaq Dynasty
  • H.K. Sherwani - The Bahmani Kingdom of the Deccan
  • TV. Mahigagam - Administration and Social Life under the Vijayanagara Empire
  • G. Yazdani - Early History of the Deccan (Hindi)
  • KM Ashraf - A History of India
  • Majumdar Roy - An Advanced History of India
  • Chopra Puri and Das - Social, Cultural and Economic History of India-Vol. Second
  • Percival Spear - History of India Volume-2

BA 2nd Year History Book For Paper-1

  • Advanced History of Modern India - G.S. Chabra.
  • Modern India - Sumit Sarkar
  • Freedom Struggle - Bipan Chandra
  • Modern India - S.B. Chaudhary
  • Social Background of Indian Nationalism - A.R. Desai
  • Modern India - B.L. Grover
  • British Rule in India - Ram Gopal
  • Britain & Muslim India - K.K. Aziz
  • History of Freedom Movement in India - R.C. Majumdar
  • A History of British India - W.W. Hunter

B.A. Second Year History Book For Paper 2

  • History of Europe - R.C. Agarwal
  • History of Europe - V.D. Mahajan
  • History of Modern Europe - Sucheta Mahajan
  • Europe since Napoleon - D. Thomson
  • The Rise of Modern Europe - Hamilton
  • A General History of Europe - Longman
  • Europe - E. Lipson
  • Struggle for Europe - A.J.P. Taylor
  • Europe - Grant & Temperley
  • Europe - L. Mukherji
  • Europe - J. Roberts
  • Bismarck - A.J.P. Taylor
  • Hind Swaraj - M.K. Gandhi

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