BA 2nd Year History Important Questions 2024

Today we are discussing ba 2nd year history important questions for the session 2024. 

These questions are taken from the question bank.

These are important for an exam which means there has been repeated several times in exam papers. 

You can treat it as ba 2nd year history model paper, which helps you to know about the pattern of examination questions.

These questions also help you to prepare notes on this subject.

You can write the answer to b.a. 2nd year history important questions with the help of a university textbook. 

Before starting to write the answer, read the relevant chapter from the textbook and try to understand the zest of the lesson. 

Then start to write the answer of b.a 2nd year history question papers in own wards. 

This process will help to memorize the answer in a very short time for a long period. 

As you know history gives authenticity to our arguments, this subject strengthens our thinking and helps us to understand the present and past. 

Today several students are taking an interest in this subject and doing research. 

This subject is also good for the career. 

You can make a career as an archaeologist, professor, or teacher.

We have included the history 1st paper and 2nd paper questions separately in this post. 

Let's start to write the answer.

B.A 2nd Year History Question Papers

BA 2nd Year History 1st Paper

  • Evaluate the achievements of Kutubuddin Aibak.
  • Write down the causes of the decline of the slave dynasty.
  • Write short notes on - (1) Tanka and Jital (2) Turkan-i-Chahalgani (3) Din-i-Ilahi (4) Mansabdari System (5) Iqta System (6) Tarikh-i-Firozshahi (7) ) Changej Khaan Mangol (8) Tulguma Method (9) Sulah Kul (10) Chauth
  • Who is the author of Akbarnama?
  • In which language Babar wrote his autobiography?
  • War of Ghaghara was fought between whom?
  • Write any two results of the second war of Panipat.
  • Write short answers to these questions - Jaziya, Diwan-i-Bandagan, Dahsala system, Todarmal, Plans of Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq, Kharaj, Mahmud Gawan, Malik Ambar, Ulema
  • ‘Diwane-Kohi’ was related to which department?
  • Write about ‘Ebadat Khana’.
  • Write the name of any two sects of Sufism.
  • Who constructed the Jama-Masjid in Delhi?
  • Raja Krishnadev Rai was related to which dynasty of the Vijaynagar Kingdom.
  • In the year 1657 Amir of Bijapur was Killed by Shivaji.
  • Write the causes for the victory of Babar in the first Battle of Panipat.
  • Describe the reforms of Shershah.
  • Mention the condition of Muslim society in the Mughal Period.
  • Throw light on the causes of the rise of the Bhakti Movement.
  • Describe the main buildings of Mughal architecture.
  • Discuss the development of Persian literature in the Sultanate Age.
  • How did the Vijayanagara Empire come to an end?
  • Write an essay on sources of the Sultanate period.
  • Critically examine the economic policy of Allauddin Khilji.
  • Write a critical essay on Aurangzeb's Southern Policy.
  • Explain in detail the administrative system of the Sultanate period.
  • Discuss the Bhakti movement.
  • Evaluate the period of Balaji Baji Rao.
  • Discuss the results of the third battle of Panipat.
  • Give an account of the literary sources of Indian history of the Sultanate period.
  • “Balwan was the real founder of Delhi Sultanate.” Discuss this statement.
  • Explain the Rajput policy of Akbar.
  • Describe the military achievements of Sher Sha Suri.
  • Describe the social condition of India during the Sultanate period.
  • Describe the Military system of the Mughals in detail.
  • Explain the rise and fall of the Bahmani Empire.
  • Discuss the administrative system of Shivaji.
  • Mention the achievements of Bimbaji-Bhosle.
  • Write an essay on the Maratha administration in Chhattisgarh.

BA 2nd Year History 2nd Paper

  • Which country was a supporter of the policy of free trade in China?
  • Who was the President of the Berlin Congress?
  • Describe the struggle for political supremacy between Humayun and Sher Shah and examine the reasons for the success of Sher Shah.
  • Evaluate Akbar's religious policy.
  • Explain Shah Jahan's Central Asia Policy.
  • Explain the Rajput policy of Aurangzeb.
  • Evaluate the achievements of Shivaji.
  • Examine the causes and significance of the Battle of Plassey.
  • Throw light on the biography and works of Hyder Ali.
  • Explain the reasons why the Indian National Congress was established in 1885 AD.
  • Explain the causes of the Quit India Movement of 1942 AD.
  • Describe the circumstances responsible for the partition of India.
  • In which year was the France England Treat signed.
  • Who was the emperor of Japan at the time of modernization of Japan?
  • What were the main causes of the Russia-Japan war?
  • In which year did America declare war on Germany?
  • Who was the main leader of the Bolshevik Revolution?
  • When did World War 2nd start?
  • Name the prominent leaders of the Non-aligned Movement.
  • Describe the result of the First World War.
  • What were the main causes of the Russian Revolution of 1917?
  • Write the principles of Nazism?
  • Throw light on the main functions of the League of Nations.
  • Evaluate the achievements of the organization of the United Nations.
  • Write an article on the polar world.
  • What were the main reasons for the Meiji Restoration?
  • Examine the main decisions of the Berlin Congress.
  • State the reasons for the Chinese revolution at that time.

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