B.A First Year Economics Syllabus 2023-24

Today we are introducing b.a first year economics syllabus 2023-24 session. 

This syllabus contains all chapters of this subject in depth.

The syllabus is an important part of examination preparation. 

University professors decide the right path to educate the students for upcoming examinations based on the syllabus. 

The university announces a new or amended syllabus every year. 

If your university delayed announcing a new syllabus, then you can go with this one to learn about the chapter on this subject. 

We are giving you the depth details of b.a. 1st year economics syllabus 2023-24 session. 

This is very useful to those university students who passed the BA Part 1 exam and joined Part 2 for next-label knowledge. 

In this post, we have defined ba first year economics syllabus in the unit and explained everything in detail. 

We have included microeconomics topics of 1st paper as well as 2nd paper. 

Apart from all these things we have recommended some reference books with the writer's name for the convenience of students.  

This syllabus will act as a guide for you.

Let's start.

B.A. 1st Year Economics Syllabus

B.A 1st Year Economics Syllabus 1st Paper

(Micro Economics)

  • Unit-1 - Nature and scope of Economics, static and dynamic Economics, micro and macro Economics
  • Unit-2 - CONSUMPTION – Utility – concept – Types and Relationship. Theories of consumer behavior Cardinal and Ordinal approaches. Demand – Concept, the law of demand, Elasticity of Demand, Types of Elasticity of Demand and measurement of Elasticity of demand, Concept of Consumer Surplus.
  • Unit-3 - Cost and Revenue - Concept and Type of Cost, Short Run Cost Curve, and Long run Cost Curve and their relationship. Revenue – Concept and types, Relationship between Revenue Curves III.
  • Unit-4 - Production Supply – Concept, Supply Schedule, and curve. Production Function – Introduction Isoquant Curves laws of Variable Proportion.
  • Unit-5 - Market: Introduction Element and types of Market, price determinations under Perfect Competition, Role of Time Element, Pricing under Monopoly and Monopolistic competition, Comparative Study of Monopoly, and Perfect Competition.
  • Unit-6 - Distribution Theories of Distribution, Marginal Productivity theory, and modern theory, Rent - Ricardo and Modern Theory, Wage - Demand and Supply Theory, Collective Bargaining and wage determination, Interest - Classical and Kenjunesian Theory, Profit - Night's and Schumpeterian Theory

B.A 1st Year Economics Syllabus 2nd Paper


  • The function of Money in a mixed economy.
  • Cash balance approach of money
  • The quantity theory of money
  • Inflation: its concept and causes of Inflation
  • Remedies to inflation in the economy
  • Inflationary gap: concept and remedy to
  • Monetary policy

National Income

  • National Income: Concept and Measurement
  • Kujeocian Theory of Effective Demand
  • Marginal Propensity to Consume: Concept and determination
  • Multiplier and its functioning
  • Investment: Functions and its Concept


  • Functions of Commercial Bank
  • Principles of Commercial Bank - Liquidity and Profitability
  • Credit Creation: Concept and Measurement in Control Credit in the Economy
  • Central Bank Functions

International Trade

  • International Trade and Economic Development
  • Classical Theory of International Trade (Rickard)
  • The modern theory of International Trade (Hecksher Ohlin)
  • Gains from International Trade
  • Balance of Payment: Concept, Reasons of disequilibrium in Balance of Payment, Measures to improve the adverse balance of payment.

Here are some important b.a. 1st year economics books that are recommended for you.

These books are textbooks with writers' names.

You can purchase to get in-depth knowledge of this subject.

BA 1st Year Economics Book

Economics Reference Book Name

  • TT Sethi - Macro Economics (T.T. Sethi - Macro Economics)
  • Barla and Argwal - International Trade
  • Dr. J.C. Pant and Dr. J.P. Mishra - Economics (Sahitya Bhavan)
  • T.R. Jain, A. S. Sandhu and R. K. Uppal - Micro Economics
  • Dr. Kuldeep Agnihotri and Dr. Mumuksha Jain - Micro Economics (Hindi, English)

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