Geography BA 1st Year Syllabus 2023-2024 Session

This is the ba 1st year geography syllabus 2023-2024 session for the student of ba part 1. 

This syllabus comprised entirely the lesson of the subject.

You can use this information to understand better the pattern of the geography syllabus in part 1.

We tried to make b.a. 1st year geography syllabus 2023-2024 more information for the students. 

We cover all topics related to geography subject.

I would like to inform you that different universities have different b.a 1st year geography syllabus.

So, you should treat it as a model syllabus for geography.

That means this is a common syllabus for all students. 

If this syllabus content is not matching with your university then continue with your syllabus.

This ba geography 1st year syllabus is created to guide the students.

I would like to inform you that ba first year geography syllabus may be changed with new standards.

So, confirm with the university first. For students who want more information about the BA first year geography course. 

They should read the content.

This geography syllabus content does not reflect your expectations, but it may give you an idea, of what will be the lesson you will be reading.

General Instruction (Depends on University) - The course has been divided into five units. There shall be ten questions of which two questions shall be set from each unit.

The examinees shall be required to answer five questions, selecting one from each unit. 

The examination shall be of three hours duration and shall carry 75 marks.

Let's start.

BA 1st year Geography Syllabus

B.A 1st Year Geography Syllabus 1st Paper

Paper-1 (Physical Geography)


  • Nature and scope of Physical Geography; Interrelation of Physical Geography with other branches of Earth Sciences; Origin of the Solar system, Geological timescale; Rocks Origin and Classification of Rocks, the Rock cycle.


  • Origin & classification of Earth movements; Landforms; Volcanoes & Earthquakes; Theory of Isostasy; Wegener's views on Continental Drift; Mountain-building Theories of Kober and Holmes; Plate Tectonics.


  • Geomorphic Processes: Agents of Denudation and Weathering; Mass wasting and Landslides; Fluvial, Wind, Glacial, and Karst topography; Normal Cycle of Erosion; Drainage system- its development, patterns, and classification.


  • Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere; Global Energy Budget; AtmosphericPressure and Circulations; Winds and its types, Hadley's tri-cellular theory, Monsoons and Jet streams, Land and sea breeze, local winds; Humidity&Precipitation, clouds; Air Masses and Fronts; Cyclones and Anticyclones; Thornthwaite’sclassification of climate.


  • Relevance of Oceanography; Ocean floor configurations: Continental Shelf, Slope, and Deeps; Bottom Relief of the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean; Temperature; Salinity; Waves, Tides, and Ocean currents; Tsunamis; Ocean Deposits; Coral reefs; Coastal Environment, Ocean as a storehouse of the future resource.

B.A 1st Year Geography Syllabus 2nd Paper

Paper-2 (Asia: Regional Study)



  • Asia- Physiography; Structure; Climate; and Natural Vegetation; Soil; Geographical importance of Asia.


    • Asia - Agro-climatic regions; Mineral and power resources; Population and its problems.



    • China - Physical regions; Agriculture; Mineral resources; Industrial development and major industries: Iron and Steel, Petrochemical and Consumer industries; Population growth and distribution; Urbanization.


    • Japan – Physical regions; Agriculture and Fisheries; Industrial development and Industrial Regions, Population growth and distribution; Urbanization.


    • Geographical account of Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar

    We would like to provide the information of b.a first year geography book in English. 

    This is the collection of textbooks.

    We have collected information about the geography book for the b.a 1st year students. 

    This will help them to choose the right book for their studies. 

    Graduation geography textbook benefits are that they provide accurate data and information to the reader. 

    That helps to solve the geography questions of upcoming examinations.

    You can say that 1st year ba first year geography book guide, how to continue the preparation of exam and what subject should be read in depth.

    So, I suggest that every student should read ba first year geography book, which is provided by a renowned writer.

    BA First Year Geography Book

    1st Year BA First Year Geography Book

    B.A 1st Year Geography 1st Paper Book

    Paper-1 - (Physical Geography)

    • P Dayal - Physical Geography
    • E. Ahmed - Physical Geography
    • Savinder Singh - Physical Geography
    • C B Mamoria-Physical Geography
    • DS red - climatology
    • DS red oceanography
    • Sharma and Watal - Oceanography for Geographers
    • Critchfield - General Climatology
    • Khullar - Physical Geography

    BA First Year Geography Second Paper Book

    Paper-2 - (Asia: Regional Studies)

    • George B. Crecy - Asia: Land and Its People
    • CB Mamoria - Asia
    • C. S. Ghor - Advanced Geography of Asia
    • S. D. Maurya - Geography of Asia
    • Ranjit Tirtha - Geography of Asia
    • BC Jat - Geography of Asia
    • Dr. Premlal Tamta - Regional Geography of Asia
    • Dr. Rajendra Kumar Singh - Regional Geography of Asia
    • Devendra Prasad Singh - Modern Geography of Asia

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