B.sc 3rd Year Zoology Syllabus 2022-2023

Today we are discussing on b.sc 3rd year zoology syllabus for the session 2022-23. 

This syllabus has contained all parts of the subject.

As you know the bsc third year zoology syllabus and curriculum program are designed by the university professor or authorized person. 

This syllabus is providing to you know about the zoology subject lesson. 

This bsc final year zoology syllabus helps students to identify the right path of subject preparation. 

This bsc 3rd year zoology syllabus offers Lerner support to the exam-preparing candidate. 

This program is in conventional mode. 

Actually, the zoology bsc 3rd year syllabus is suggested by the faculties as academic counselors of the university. 

We are clearing that if your university has already issued the zoology syllabus for the new session. 

Then you follow that syllabus and start exam preparation according to that. 

Every university issues its own syllabus with an amendment. 

Sometimes, they delay providing the new syllabus to the BSc students. 

That time you can use this syllabus for guidance. 

Now come to the point.

Bsc Third Year Zoology Syllabus

B.sc 3rd Year Zoology 1st Paper Syllabus 2022-23

Paper-1 Applied and Economic Zoology


  • Parasitology - (a) Structure, life cycle, pathogenicity, including disease, causes, symptoms and control The following parasites of domestic animals and humans: Trypanosoma, Giardia, and Wuchereria


  • Carriers and pests: life cycle and their control of the following pests: worm bugs, sugarcane leafhoppers, rodents, termites, mosquitoes, and their control


  • Animal breeding and culture: aquaculture, fish farming, poultry, sericulture, beekeeping, lac-culture


  • Wildlife of India: Endangered Species, Important Sanctuaries; National Parks of India; Projects taken up for conservation of different animal species; In-situ and ex-situ conservation wildlife

B.sc 3rd Year Zoology 2nd Paper Syllabus 2022-23

Paper 2 (Biotechnology, Immunology, Biological Tools and Techniques, and Biostatistics)


  • Biotechnology: Genetic engineering (concept and recombinant DNA technology) and its applications in agricultural and medical fields and energy production. Biotechnology of food processing, pharmaceuticals (such as the use of microbes in insulin production), and fermentation


  • Immunology: Concept of immunity, types of immunity, antigens, and antibodies, vaccines, various diseases, and immunological responses


  • Biological Equipment and Techniques: Principles and Uses of Equipment: pH Meter, Calorimeter, Microtome, Spectrophotometer and Centrifuge, Microscopy (Light, Transmission, and Scanning Electron Microscopy) Chromatography and Electrophoresis


  • Biostatistics: sampling, measures of central tendency (mean, mean, and mode) and dispersion (variance, standard deviation, and standard error); correlation and regression

B.sc 3rd Year Zoology 3rd Paper Syllabus 2022-23

Paper-3 (Ecology, Microbiology Animal Behavior, and Pollution and Toxicology)


  • Ecology: Ecosystem: Concept, components, fundamental operation, energy flow, food chain, food webs and trophic levels, ecological niche, abiotic and biotic factors. Population: characteristics and regulation. ecological succession. Adaptations: Aquatic, Terrestrial, Aerial, and Plantation


  • Microbiology: Morphology, physiology, and infection (profiling) of bacteria and viruses. bacterial and viral disease


  • Animal Behavior: Introduction to Ethics, Patterns of Behavior (Taxes, Reflexes, Instincts, and Motivations); biorhythms; Learning and memory, migration of fish and birds


  • Pollution and Toxicology: Concept, Sources, Types (Air, Water, Soil, Noise, and Radiation), and Control Environmental Pollution, Exposure to Toxic Substances (Pathways of Exposure, and Duration and Frequency of Exposure); Dose-response relationship categories of toxic effects

Today we discuss the recommended books for university students. These BSc 3rd year zoology books are textbooks written by reputed writers. 

These b.sc 3rd year zoology books will help you to understand the subject lesson easily. These BSc final year zoology books are available in the open market, so you can purchase them directly. 

B.sc 3rd Year Zoology Book

B.sc 3rd Year Zoology Book Name

  • Immunology and Animal Biotechnology - Dr.K.Kondai and A.V.N.Gupta
  • Zoology - Dr.SP Mishra
  • Zoology Practical - SS Lal
  • Systematic Zoology - Beenam Saxena
  • Zoology - B.D. Singh, Tripurari Mishra, Pradeep Kumari
  • B.Sc. Zoology For Semester 3 - Dr. Kishore R. Pawar, Dr. Ashok E. Desai

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