Bsc 3rd Year Zoology Important Questions 2023

Today we are giving you bsc 3rd year zoology important questions for 2023 session.

We are providing important questions in the form of objective and subjective. 

These questions are taken from past zoology papers. 

As you know that every year the university mentions the questions from the last five-year zoology papers. 

These questions are also asked in the past exam. 

So, prepare the answer to these questions with the help of your textbook as recommended by your university. 

Here we have given the collection of questions for zoology paper 1 and paper 2. So, prepare these questions and answer them very carefully. 

The best way to write the answer to these questions is to read your textbook first. Then start to write the answer in your words. 

This type of practice improves your intelligence as well as you will be given very little effort to memorize these answers. 

This type of preparation will save you time and effort. So, be ready to make a perfect zoology notebook for the upcoming examination. 

As you know that bsc 3rd year zoology is a tough subject but if you mentally prepare for hard work then definitely you can understand this subject. 

Another important tip to choose the best books for advanced knowledge of zoology BSc 3rd year.

Bsc 3rd Year Zoology Important Questions 2023 Pdf

Bsc 3rd Year Zoology 1st Paper Important Questions

  • What are genes that do not have transcription called?
  • What is Tata Box Discuss, and what does it help with in transcription or processing?
  • How many controlled genes are found in the lek operon?
  • What is a genetic mutation and what is it found in?
  • If the father's blood group is B and the mother's blood group is A, then which blood group is possible in their children?
  • Briefly explain the difference between D.N.A. and R.N.A.
  • What is a commodity?
  • What do you understand by genetic code?
  • What is Royal disease?
  • Classify Mutagen
  • Summarize the structural changes of chromosomes
  • Describe the importance of mutations in biological evolution
  • Briefly explain chimeric DNA
  • What do you understand by vector
  • What are the differences describe the types and causes
  • Write an essay on DNA replication
  • Define transcription, explain the process of transcription in prokaryotic
  • Explain the lek operon model for the regulation of protein synthesis.
  • What do you understand by Gender Linked Inheritance? Describe gender-linked inheritance in humans with suitable examples.
  • Write an essay on the mutation
  • Write an essay on the human genome project
  • Describe Rh multiple alleles in humans
  • Define gene library and describe its construction
  • What is gene therapy? describe in detail

Bsc 3rd Year Zoology 2nd Paper Important Questions

  • Explain the components of the ecosystem in detail
  • What is a food chain?
  • Define Terrestrial Habitat and Biodiversity
  • Write Comments on the National Park of Madhya Pradesh
  • Write comments on - Air pollution, Conservation of fishes, Maintenance of aquarium, Sitophilus oryzae
  • Describe the biotic and abiotic components of an ecosystem
  • Essay on nitrogen cycle with pictures
  • Write an essay on the conservation of natural resources and forests with special reference to them.
  • Describe the Ecological Zone of India
  • Write an essay on noise pollution
  • What do you understand by urbanization and the impact of the human population on the environment?
  • Describe shrimp farming with prawn preservation and prawn processing
  • Describe fish pond management, conservation, and processing in detail
  • Describe the life cycle of a bee and methods of beekeeping
  • Write an essay on the biological control of pests

Bsc 3rd Year Zoology 3rd Paper Important Questions

Paper-3 (Ecology, Microbiology Animal Behaviour And Pollution And Toxicology)

  • Answer the following questions in about 50 words - (a) Botulism (b) DDT (c) Acid Rain (d) LC50 (e) Learning (f) Commensalism (g) Mimicry (h) Phototaxis (i) Ecological Niche (j) Organophosphorus Pesticides
  • Define SMOG and discuss its causes.
  • Discuss BIOTIC factors.
  • Discuss Energy Flow in an ecosystem.
  • Write about Viral Diseases of human beings.
  • Describe GRAM-POSITIVE and GRAM-NEGATIVE bacteria.
  • Describe bacterial endospore.
  • Explain ecological pyramids.
  • Describe abiotic factor - Light.
  • Discuss causes and patterns of BIRD-MI-GRATION.
  • Define the Ecosystem and explain it with the example of POND-ECOSYSTEM.
  • Explain the Dose-Response relationship and also add a note on the margin of safety.
  • Write an essay on Ecological-Succession.

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