Bsc 3rd Year Maths Important Questions 2023

Today we are giving bsc 3rd year maths important questions to you for the exam preparation of 2023.

The question pattern belongs to bsc 3rd year maths previous question papers.

It may be possible that the bsc 3rd year maths questions asked in upcoming examinations. 

So, took these questions seriously. 

As you know that bsc third year mathematics is not very easy for those students, who are not interested to read maths. 

You can make it easy if you understand the concept to solve the questions of bsc final year maths.

You should practice solving the questions continuously. 

The most important part for mathematics bsc 3rd year students is to memorize the formula. 

That helps to solve the question fastly. 

You should know the guidelines given in the question paper of BSc mathematics 3rd year.

The instructions are like this. 

Basic Guidelines - No supplementary answer book will be given to any candidate under BSc final year maths question papers. 

Therefore, students are advised to write all the answers in the main answer book itself.

Instead of writing in different places in the answer book, the answers to the questions asked under any one question should be written in one place. 

Before starting the method of how to solve maths questions, you must write your roll number on the question paper.

These are the guidelines. 

Now read one more thing carefully so that you can easily know what will come in the final year maths question papers and how to answer the questions. 

How to adopt the method of formulating questions.

So, First of all, memorize the bsc maths 3rd year-imp formula, and after that write the maths honours important questions given below in the notebook. 

These maths questions are selected according to the syllabus. So, try to solve these questions with reference to your 3rd year mathematics textbook.

To get higher marks in the examination, you should focus to practice the bsc 3rd year maths question papers of the last 3 to 4 years. 

Bsc Third Year Mathematics

Bsc Part 3rd Maths Honours Important Questions

Bsc 3rd Year Mathematics 1st Paper

  • Prove that every infinite cyclic group has two and only two parents.
  • Find the group number of all even permutations of order N.
  • Prove that the homomorphism f from group G to group G' is one-one if and only if the term of f={e}, where e is identity in G.
  • Give one example of each of the following - (1) A subgroup H of a group G which is not a specific subgroup of G (2) A subgroup H of non-commutative group G which is a particular subgroup of G.
  • Show that every region is an integer region but its converse is not necessarily true.
  • Prove that the characteristic of an integer domain is either zero or a non-negative number.
  • Prove that a ring of commutative identity is a field if it is a simple ring.
  • Let R be a ring of commutative identity and I is an ideal of ring R, then prove that division ring R/I is also a ring of commutative identity.
  • Prove that the intersection of any two subspaces of a vector space is a subspace.
  • Let S and T be two subspaces of the vector space V(F), then prove that L(SUT)=S+T

Bsc 3rd Year Math 2nd Paper

  • Show that the function u=cos x cos y is a geometrical function and find its operant conjugate.
  • Expand the functions ez and sin z in the Taylor series adjacent to z=0 and find the area of convergence of each series.
  • Define Möbius transform. Find the Möbius transform that converts 1, i, -1 to i, 0, -i.

Bsc 3rd Year Maths 3rd Paper

  • A particle moves in a curve in such a way that its tangential and perpendicular accelerations are always the same and the angular velocity of its tangent remains constant. Find the path
  • A particle moves in a curve in such a way that its tangential and normal acceleration are always the same, then prove that its velocity is proportional to e.
  • A bullet of a gun enters a wooden frame and loses 1/15 of its velocity. From the principle of energy, find out how many such planks would be required to bring the bullet to rest.
  • Find the moment of inertia of a ragged cone about its axis. The radii of the ends of the rounded cone are a and b.
  • Verify by writing the statement of the theorem of the vertical axis.
  • A force of 3, 4, 5, and 6 kg of weights are acting respectively along the sides of a square ABCD. Find the result, direction, and position of the line of action of their resultant.


Question - Why is BSc math important?

Answer - This question is relevant today. All students must read math subjects. Analyzing power increases in the students studying this subject. Math is very much needed in the normal life cycle. Therefore, if a student has started studying in Arts subject, then he should also have basic knowledge of Maths subject. By studying this subject, you will be able to make your career in many fields. Like - Engineering, Medical, Architect, Businessman, etc.

Question - Is BSc maths easy to pass?

Answer - BSC Maths subject can be easy for all those students who study this subject with interest. Because this subject is based on the concept. Your concept should be clear to solve any question. You must remember the formula. The implementation of the formula should come. The basic concept should be clear. You cannot run your work by remembering the answer to Maths. You have to understand the questions and solve them using your brain.

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