B.sc 2nd Year Maths New Syllabus 2022-2023

Through this post, I am going to give bsc 2nd year maths syllabus 2022-23 session.

Treat this syllabus as a common syllabus.

If your university has released the bsc 2nd year mathematics syllabus.

Then you should follow that only.

The purpose of releasing this syllabus is only to give information about b.sc 2nd year mathematics syllabus. 

Students will benefit from this that they will know which lessons are to be studied in B.Sc Second Year Maths.

Every university has its own syllabus. 

Except for a few lessons, the syllabus is almost the same.

In bsc second year mathematics syllabus you have to study Linear Algebra, Matrices, Differential Equations, Integral Transforms, Mechanics, Statics, etc.

Keeping the exam in mind, you can prepare your b sc 2nd year maths first paper, second paper, and third paper from this syllabus.

Mathematics subject is tough in the starting phase of preparation. 

When you memorize the formula and understand the concept of the lesson, then it will be the easiest for you.

To memorize the formula of math keep this thing in mind. 

Write the all formula in a separate math copy lesson-wise and try to solve a question, that is based on that formula. 

Math Bsc 2nd Year Syllabus

B.sc 2nd Year Maths Syllabus 1st Paper (B sc 2nd Year Math First Paper Syllabus 2022-2023)

Paper-1 Linear Algebra And Matrices

Linear Algebra

  • Unit-1 - Vector Spaces and their Elementary Properties, Subspaces, Linear Dependency and Independence, Basis and Dimensions, Direct Sum, Quotient Space
  • Unit-2 - Linear Transformations and their Algebra, Range and Zero Space, Rank and Zero, Matrix Representation of Linear Transformations, Transformation of Base
  • Unit-3 - Linear Functional, Dual Space, Bi-Dual Space, Natural Isomorphism, Annihilators, Bilinear and Quadratic Forms, Inner Product Space, Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality, Bessel's Inequality, and Orthogonality


  • Unit-4 - Symmetrical and oblique-symmetric matrices, Hermitian and oblique-Hermitian matrices, Orthogonal and unitary matrices, Triangular and diagonal matrices, Rank of a matrix, Elementary transformation, Echelon and normal form, Inverse of a matrix by initial transformations
  • Unit-5 - Characteristic Equations, Eigen Values ​​of a Matrix and Eigen Vectors, Clay-Hamilton's Theorem and its Use in Finding the Inverse of a Matrix, A set of linear (both homogeneous and non-homogeneous) equations Application of Matrix to Solve System, Consistency and General Solution, Diagonalization of Square Matrix with Specific Eigen Values, Quadratic Form

B.sc 2nd Year Maths Syllabus 2nd Paper (B.sc 2nd Year Math Second Paper Syllabus 2022-2023)

Paper-2 Differential Equations and Integral Transforms

Differential Equation

  • Unit-1 Differential Equation (DE), DE Equations of Degree, Order and Solution, First Order and First Degree: Separation of Variable Methods, Solution of Homogeneous Equations, Linear Equations and Exact Equations, Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients, Homogeneous Linear Differential Equations
  • Unit-2 First order differential equations, but not first order, Clairot's equations, orthogonal trajectories, simultaneous linear differential equations with constant coefficients, second order linear differential equations (including method of variation of parameters),
  • Unit-3 Order, Formation of Degree and Partial Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations of the First Order, Lagrange's Equations, Charpit's General Method, Linear Partial Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients, Partial Differential Equations of the Second Order, Monge's Method
  • Unit-4 - Concept of Transforms, Integral Transforms and Kernels, Linearity Property of Transforms, Laplace Transforms, Inverse Laplace Transforms, Convolution Theorem, Applications of Laplace Transforms to Solve Simple Differential Equations
  • Unit-5 - Fourier Transform (Finite and Infinite), Fourier Integral, Applications of Fourier Transformation to Limit Value Problems, Fourier Series

B.sc 2nd Year Maths Syllabus 3rd Paper (B.sc 2nd Year Math Third Paper Syllabus 2022-2023)

Paper-3 Mechanics


  • Unit-1 - Velocity and acceleration along the radial and transverse directions, and along tangential and normal directions, Simple harmonic motion, Motion under other laws of forces, Earth's attraction, Elastic strings
  • Unit-2 - Motion in a Resistance Medium, Constrained Motion (Circular and Cyclic Only)
  • Unit-3 - Motion on smooth and rough plane curves, Rocket motion, Central orbits, and Kepler's law, Motion of a particle in three dimensions


  • Unit-4 - Normal Catenary, Center of Gravity, Fixed and Unsteady Equilibrium, Virtual Work
  • Unit-5 - Force in Three Dimensions, Poinsot's Central Axis, Wrench, Null Line, and Null Plane

Bsc 2nd Year Maths Book

(B.sc 2nd Year Maths Book 2022-2023 In English) Bsc Second Year Maths Book Name 2022-2023

  • Linear Algebra - MD Bhagat, RS Bhamre, NM Fatangare, Dr. A.S. Khairnar, and Dr. S.G. Olde
  • Matrix - Dr.Momian and Dr.BP Singh
  • Differential Equations - Dr.Momian and Dr.BP Singh
  • Integral Transforms - Rakesh Kumar and Nagendra Kumar
  • Mechanics - I Rajeshwari
  • Statistics - Dr. Gokhru and Saini
  • Mathematics for Degree Students - P.K.Mittal 

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