Bsc 2nd Year Botany Syllabus 2023-24 Session

In this post bsc 2nd year botany syllabus 2023-2024 is being given. 

This syllabus is a common syllabus. It is not being given to the students of any particular university.

BSc 2nd year botany syllabus is being made on the basis of 2023.

Students can use this to know about the topics asked in the exam.

All the topics are explained in detail in this syllabus. 

Students must match the 2nd year botany syllabus 2023-24 with the syllabus of their university and answer the questions on the basis of the same.

Instructions - Questions No. l will be compulsory consisting of 15 items of objective types questions both covering both Group A and Group B parts of the syllabus. 

The objective-type question will have a statement and four plausible responses marked a, b, c and d out of which only one will be the correct answer. 

Each group (A and B) will have both Short answer type questions and Long answer type questions. 

Candidates are required to answer both types of questions in each group.

Short answer type questions will have 8 items, out of which 5 items are to be answered preferably in four/five sentences.

Long answer type questions will be of conventional type and one question has to be answered out of the options provided.

Follow the syllabus to complete your study.

Let's Start. 2nd Year Botany Syllabus 

Subject - Paper-III and Paper-IV (Phanerogams)

Paper-III Group-A: Gymnosperms

  • Comparatives study of the morphological, anatomical, and embryological features of the following texa -Pinus, Taxus, Gnetum.
  • Fossils-Definition and scope, conditions for fossilization and mode of preservation, use of fossils.
  • Type study of Lyginopteris and Cycadeoides.
  • A brief idea of the plant fossils

Group-B: Angiosperm Taxonomy

  • Principles of Plant classification with emphasis on modern trends in taxonomy.
  • Knowledge of the system of classification of plants proposed by Bentham and Hooker, Hutchinson, and Cronquist.
  • Rules of Botanical Nomenclature
  • A comparative account of the diagnostic features, relationship, and economic importance of the following families: Ranunculaceae, Capparidaceae, Caryophyllaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Oxalidaceae, Rubiaceae, Apocynaceae, Verbenaceae, Acanthaceae, Lamiaceae, Convolvulaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Amaranthaceae, Nyctaginaceae,
  • Euphorbiaceae, Commelinaceae, Cyperaceae, and Poaceae.

Paper-IV: Group-A: Anatomy

  • Meristematic tissue - its structure, distribution, and function.
  • Mechanical tissue -their structure, distribution & function.
  • Organization of tissue in relation to the environment, (Ecological and Anatomy).
  • Anomalous secondary growth in Bignonia, Nyctanthes, Achyranthes, Boerhaavia, Tecoma, Dracaena 
  • Root-stem transition.


  • Various development processes in Microsporogenesis, male gametophyte megasporogenesis in female gametophyte, Endosperm, and Embryogenesis.
  • Importance of anther and embryo culture.

Group-B: Applied Botany

  • Use of plants in medicine and idea about important drug-yielding plants.
  • Agricultural and horticultural products of Bihar with special reference to oil seeds pulses, cereals, fruits, fibers, and timber especially found in Bihar.
  • The idea of tissue culture with special reference to plant propagation.
  • Utilization of wastes and Bio-gas resources.

Bsc 2nd Year Botany Books 2nd Year Botany Books Name Recommended

  • Botany - RK Sarbhoy, B Bhi Pandey and Poonam Verma
  • Plant Physiology - Dr. K. N. Dhumal, Dr. B. P. Shinde, Dr. H. S. Patil and Dr. S Bhosale
  • Ecology and Environment - P.D.Sharma
  • Taxonomy of Angiosperms and Plant Ecology - Dr. KN Dhumal, Dr. BP Shinde, Dr. H.S. Patil and Dr. S Bhosale
  • Embryology of Angiosperms - S.S.Bhojwani And S.P.Bhatnagar
  • Pteridophyta, Gymnosperm Eve Paleobotany - Dr. Anuja Tyagi and Dr. Manjula K. saxena
  • Cell and Molecular Biology - G.Karp
  • Botany - Dr. B. P. Pandey
  • Plant Breeding: Principles & Methods - B.D.Singh

Bsc 2nd Year Botany Practical Book

  • Practical Botany - A.M.Bendre
  • Practical Botany-2 - O.P.Sharma
  • Plant Physiology Botany - Dr.K.N.Dhumal, Dr.B.P.Shinde, Dr.H.S.Patil, Dr.K.S.Bhosale

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