Bsc 1st Year Zoology Syllabus 2023-24 Session

Today I would like to share with you bsc 1st year zoology syllabus 2023-2024 session in English. 

This Syllabus will guide you, on what you have to study in B.Sc. 1st Year Zoology.

This bsc first year zoology syllabus has written in the English language, if you want to read it in Hindi, use Google Translate to convert it. 

So many students do not fill Comfortable in English. So this suggestion is for them.

You read the topics given in the zoology syllabus according to these units and prepare zoology notes accordingly. 

Also, keep in mind that this zoology syllabus will only make you aware of the subjects.

You follow the 1st year zoology syllabus 2023-24 of your university and make your notes in the same way. 

Some subjects may be different from your syllabus as it does not happen that there is a similarity in the syllabus of all the universities.

This syllabus has been designed for you with complete details, so that you can understand the chapters of the subject through first year zoology syllabus. 

All universities issue their own zoology bsc 1st year syllabus for their students. You use this syllabus as a common zoology syllabus. 

Through this, you will be able to understand the subject of Zoology easily. 

Syllabus Instruction May Be Differ At University

Instruction - In all ten questions are to be set out of which numbers 1 and 2 shall consist of objective ( 1 x 15 marks) and short answers (3 x 5) requiring questions respectively and both shall span over the whole syllabus in the paper. Students would be required to answer five questions, of which questions numbered 1 and 2 shall be compulsory.

Let's Start.

Bsc First Year Zoology Syllabus

I. Bionomics general characters and classification (up to orders) of the following Phyla: Protozoa, Porifera, Cnidaria, Ctenophora, Platyhelminthes Aschelminthes Annelida, Arthropoda, Mollusca, Echinodermata, and Hemichordate. Detailed study of the following types:

  • 1. Protozoa: Paramecium Parasitic protozoans and their modes of infection Polystomella (Elphidium).
  • 2. Porifera: Sycon, Canal system in sponges, affinities of the phylum.
  • 3. Cnidaria: Obelia, Aurelia Sea anemone
  • 4. Ctenophora: General organization of Hormiphora affinities of the phylum.
  • 5. Platyhelminthes: Fasciola hepatica. Taenia solium and Planaria.
  • 6. Aschelminthes: Ascaris lumbricoides, wuchereria bancrofti.
  • 7. Annelida: Pheretima posthuma, Leech, Nereis.
  • 8. Arthropoda: Palaemon, Peripatus, Adaptive variations in insect mouthparts. Sacculina.
  • 9. Ectoprocta: Bugula.
  • 10. Mollusca: Unio, Pila, Sepia, Torsion and detorsion in Gastropoda.
  • 11. Echinodermata: Larval forms in Echinoderms, water Vascular System in Echinoderm

PAPER-IIA (Ecology, Animal Behaviors, and Biometry)

I. Ecology:

  •  1. Concept of Biosphere (Lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere).
  •  2. Ecosystem: Definition, structure, and function of a typical ecosystem
  •  3. Structure (Abiotic and Biotic) and function (energy flow Biogeochemical cycles) of fresh water, grassland, desert, and forest ecosystems.
  •  4. Community structure and its ecological succession.
  •  5. Pollution and its hazards (air, water, and sound).
  •  6. Wild-life conservation: Types and measures, National Parks and Sanctuaries.

II. Animal Behaviour:

  • 1. Scope of Ethology, Innate and learned behavior.
  • 2. Social behavior in insects.
  • 3. Parental care in fishes and amphibia.
  • 4. Brooding, nesting, and migratory behavior in birds.
  • 5. Concept of Biological clock.

III. Biometry: 

Scope and application of the following statistical method in Biology.

  • 1. Normal distribution and its attribution range, mode, median, and arithmetic mean.
  • 2. Standard error, standard deviation, Simple test, and Chi-square test.


  • 1. Dissection:  Pheretima, Leech-Alimentary canal, Reproductive, Excretory, and Nervous systems. Palaemon - Alimentary canal, Nervous system. Unio Pila and Sepia- Nervous system, organs of Pallial complex of Pila.
  • 2. Permanently stained preparation of the following: Paramoecium gemmules, Spicules, obeliacolony, Nephridia and Ovary of Pheretima Jaw of Leech, statocyst of prawn, osphradium, radula and gill of pila of unio, Glochidium larva, of crustaceans and echinoderms, Pediceralia.
  • 3. Spotting (Each of two marks): (i) Museum specimens (ii) Slides (iii) Specimens relating to animal behavior or parental care 4. Ecology: (i) Analysis of soil/pond biota. (ii) Determination of dissolved oxygen and pH of different water samples. (iii) Community structure of Grassland. (iv) Moisture content of soil sample.
  • 5. Biometry: Calculation of the arithmetic mean and standard deviation of the samples provided.
  • 6. Record and fieldwork.
  • 7. Viva. 1st Year Zoology Book 

Recommended Bsc First Year Zoology Book

  • Zoology - B.D. Singh, Tripurari Mishra, Pradeep Kumar
  • Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics and Evolution - Telugu Academy, Hyderabad
  • Animal Diversity Vertebrates and Developmental Biology - Telugu Academy, Hyderabad
  • Zoology - Ashok Sabharwal and Dr. Chander Shekhar
  • Applied Zoology - Dr. Kishori R. Pawar and Dr. Ashok E. Desai
  • Zoology (Animal Physiology and Biochemistry) - Yash Raj
  • Zoology Practical Book - S.S.Lal (Based on CBSE Syllabus)
  • Zoology Practical Book - Dr. V. K. Tiwari & Dr. Vijay Kr. Singh


Question- How many semesters are there in BSc Zoology 1st year?

Answer - B.Sc 3 Year Degree Course in the Zoology subject. Zoology comprises six semesters. The subjects are Life and Diversity of Animals-Nonchordates, Environment Biology, Life and Diversity of Animals- Nonchordates, Cell Biology, Life and Diversity of Animals-Chordates, Genetics, Life and Diversity of Animals-Chordates (Reptilia, Aves, and Mammals), Molecular Biology and Immunology, General Mammalian Physiology I, Applied Zoology I (Aquaculture and Economic Entomology), General Mammalian Physiology II, Applied Zoology II (Biotechniques, Microtechnique, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, and Biostatistics), Practical Paper.

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