Bsc 1st Year Zoology Imp Questions PPU University 2024

Today BSC 1st year zoology important questions PPU University are being shared in front of you. PPU university means Patliputra University.

These questions can be important for the upcoming zoology exam as these questions have been asked in the past. 

These questions were asked in the examination at Patliputra University.

The subject of zoology also has its own role in answering the important questions of science. 

You can prepare your own zoology notes by preparing answers to these questions which will save you time.

You must first write these questions in your bsc 1st year zoology notebook and then from your textbook write the answers to those questions in sequence. 

First of all, read that chapter of your textbook collect the information, and try to write your answer.

After writing the answers to the important questions of zoology, you will know the way to consolidate these answers. 

For this, you read the answer to the question two to three times then close the master copy and try to write those answers in the second copy. 

By doing this process over and over again, you will see that you are assimilating the answer. 

Answers memorized in this way are remembered for a long time and less time is wasted in repeating them at the time of examination. 

If the question does not match your syllabus, treat it as a model paper of bsc 1st year zoology.

Zoology 1st Year Important Questions

Bsc 1st Year Zoology 1st Paper Important Question

  • To which class does Saikan belong?
  • Where is the pheretima sperm protected?
  • Which of the following is an example of dimorphic protozoans? (1) Amoeba Proteus (2) Paramecium (3) Palestomela (4) Plasmodium
  • At which stage does Plasmodium infect humans? (1) trophozoite (2) merozoite (3) cyst (4) sporozoite
  • Who transmits Wuchereria bancrofti?
  • Where is botryoidal tissue found?
  • What is the characteristic feature of the tube test?
  • Comment on - Trichocyst, spicules, flame cells, cocoon formation in the earthworm, mosaic vision, statocyst of prawn, madreporite, binary fissure in paramoecium.
  • Define the life history and structure of Polystomella.
  • Explain Porifera classification in detail.
  • Explain the life cycle of Obelia.
  • Explain the haemocoelomic system of leeches.
  • Explain Tinophora's character and classification in detail.
  • What is parasitic castration? Also, explain Sacculina's classification.
  • Name the larval forms found in Echinodermata.
  • Explain the structure and features of Balanoglossus.

Bsc 1st Year Zoology 2nd Paper Important Question 

  • Where was the first national park established in India?
  • Who absorbs ultraviolet radiation (UV) in you?
  • Which gas is used in fire extinguishers?
  • Name some Nektonic Animals.
  • Which is the 'world's largest coral reef'?
  • Define zooplankton and phytoplankton and state the consumer category.
  • What is the biogeochemical cycle based on?
  • Green plants take radiant energy from the sun and convert it into chemical energy, then what is it called?
  • Which decreases during the time of ecological succession?
  • Which color codes are suitable for a Moderate Air Quality Index?
  • What is a cyclic cycle?
  • Comment - Acid rain, energy flow, global warming, nesting behavior, eutrophication, biological clock, hydrosphere, standard error.
  • What is an ecosystem? Explain its components.
  • Explain the different types of learning behavior in animals.
  • Define ecological succession and explain the process taking place in a pond.
  • Write an essay on wildlife conservation.
  • Explain the migratory behavior of birds.
  • Explain the difference between merit and demerit.
  • What is noise pollution? State its main causes, effects, and remedies.
  • What is the Arithmetic Average? Give the definition and state the method.
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