Bsc 1st Year Organic Chemistry Syllabus & Books 2024

Today we are providing BSc 1st year organic chemistry syllabus & books for 2024 session in English. 

This syllabus plays a vital role in guiding the students of organic chemistry.

This syllabus contains a foundation and detailed study of the different classes of compounds in Group A and Group B. 

The third group contained the application technique and paper 2 contained practical. 

All universities announced new or amended syllabi of organic chemistry for BSc 1st year in the new year. 

Sometimes they delayed releasing the new syllabus. 

This 1st year organic chemistry syllabus will help the students to know about the lesson or chapter of organic chemistry in detail. 

If your university bsc first year organic chemistry syllabus does not match this then you continue with that syllabus. 

We are providing 1st year organic chemistry paper 1 and paper 2 syllabi separately for the convenience of students. 


There shall be three groups of 4 questions each. 

The candidate shall be asked to answer five questions taking at least one question and not more than two from each group. 1st Year Organic Chemistry Syllabus 1st Year Organic Chemistry Paper 1 Syllabus

GROUP-A: Foundation

  • Shapes and Structure of Organic Molecules: Hybridisation, Bond angle, bond length, and bond energy. The idea of covalent bonds, shapes/structures of methane, ethane, acetylene, and benzene molecules.
  • Nomenclature of organic compounds: Acquaintance with IUPAC nomenclature of aliphatic and aromatic compounds.
  • Introductory Organic Reaction Mechanism: Elementary idea of electronic distribution, inductive effect, electromeric effect, mesomeric effect, resonance, bond fission, and fission products. Elementary idea of the reagents and types of reactions.
  • Elementary Stereochemistry: Brief idea of geometrical and optical isomerism

GROUP-B: Detailed Study Of The Different Classes Of Compounds

  • Alcohol: Monohydric, dihydric, trihydric, and unsaturated alcohol.
  • Aldehydes and ketones.
  • Carboxylic acids: monocarboxylic acids and dicarboxylic acids.
  • Organometallic compounds of Mg and Li.
  • Amines and Urea: Classification, preparation, separation, distinction identification, and estimation.
  • Organosulphur compounds.
  • Aromaticity and Structure of Benzene: Mono substituted benzene derivatives, Orientation and directive influence of different groups in benzene.

GROUP-C: Application Techniques

  • Analytical Organic Chemistry I: Qualitative and quantitative estimation of C, H, N, S, P, and halogens in organic compounds.
  • Analytical Organic Chemistry II: Molecular weight determination of organic acids by silver salt method and of organic bases by Platini chloride method.
  • Purification of Organic Compounds: Purification of organic compounds and criteria of purity, chromatography.
  • Synthetic fibers and plastics.
  • Soaps and detergents including the chemistry of their actions 1st Year Organic Chemistry Paper 2 Syllabus 1st Year Organic Chemistry Practical Syllabus 

  • Volumetric analysis:- (a) Acidimetry and alkalimetry (b) Use of potassium permanganate; potassium dichromate and sodium thiosulphate.
  • Detection of nitrogen, sulfur, and halogen in organic compounds and identification of organic compounds containing one functional group including monosaccharides.
  • Note book and Viva Voce

Bsc 1st Year Organic Chemistry Book

Organic Chemistry 1st Year Book For 2024

  • Organic Chemistry - Dr.P.Bhagchandani 
  • Organic Chemistry - Morrison And Boyd, Solomon and Friels 
  • Organic Chemistry - M.M.N.Tandon Modern 
  • Organic Chemistry - SP Jauhar

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