Bsc 1st Year Maths Important Questions 2023

Today I would like to share the Bsc 1st Year Maths Important Questions 2023 Session (Updated) for BSc students. 

These questions are important for upcoming examinations. 

Let us tell you that these questions have been selected keeping in mind the BSc 1st year mathematics course. 

But I would like to request that follow your syllabus too. 

If these questions are matching from your syllabus then more focus on these maths BSc 1st year important questions. 

I would like to tell you that Mathematics is a complex subject but if your concept is clear and you solve the BSc first year mathematics questions by understanding then you will feel joy after answering the questions.

That means once the concepts are clear, many questions will be answered automatically. 

We have collected these bsc part 1 math questions to provide you the pattern of questions. 

It is not necessary that these degree 1st year maths important questions will be asked in upcoming examinations. 

So, don't depend only on these questions.

If still you are not able to understand these BSc 1st year mathematics questions and facing difficulty in answering then definitely contact your maths teacher. 

The second important tip is that BSc 1st year mathematics formula has an important contribution in solving the questions. 

So focus to memorize the maths formula too. 1st year maths formula has an important contribution in solving the question, if you keep the maths formula in mind at the time of solving the question, then you can easily understand and solve these 1st year maths important questions.

So first of all you should memorize the chapter-wise formula of these 1st year maths questions, after that think about solving the questions.

Actually, these are the pattern of bsc 1st year mathematics question paper. 

The full marks and number of questions have been given on the top of the paper. 

So, ready to prepare for the BSc mathematics 1st year on this pattern. 

Important Questions Of Maths For Bsc 1st Year 1st Year Maths 1st Paper Important Questions

  • Write and prove De Morgan's general law.
  • State and prove the fundamental theorem of equivalence relation.
  • What do you mean by a partial order relation and total order relation and well-ordered set, Give one example of each? 
  • What will be the eccentricity of the equilateral hyperbola?
  • Define the set and prove that the sphere is an incremental set (उन्नतोदर समुच्य).
  • If a line makes equal angles with the axes, then what will be its direction cosines?
  • What is each converging series of real numbers?
  • Prove that an infinite union of denumerable sets is denumerable.
  • Define a Lattice, a complete Lattice, and set an example of a Lattice that is not a complete Lattice. 
  • Define an equivalence relation and equivalence classes of sets giving one example of each.
  • If H1, and H2 are subgroups of a group G then show that H1 ∩ H2 is also a subgroup of G. 
  • Prove that if group G has four elements then it must be abelian.
  • Prove that the order of every element of a finite group is a divisor of the order of the group. 
  • Define a group and show that the four fourth roots namely 1, –1, i, –i form a group with respect to multiplication.
  • Prove that G = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5} is a finite abelian group of order 6 with respect to addition modulo 6. 
  • Solve the following system of linear equations by matrix method : x + y + z = 6, 2x + y – 3z = –5, 3x – 2y + z = 2 
  • State and prove De-Moiver's theorem. 1st Year Math 2nd Paper Important Question

  • In differential, write the statement of Euler's theorem for two independent variables x and y, and also prove it.
  • Find the formula for the radius of curvature, in cartesian form, at any point on a curve.
  • Find the curved surface area of ​​a cone whose radius of the base is r units and height is h units.
  • Prove that in x and y, a general equation always represents a conic.
  • In polar form, find the equation of a conic.
  • Find the equation of the plane which vertically bisects the line segment joining the points (2,-1,4) and (4,9,6).
  • State and prove Taylor's theorem.

Calculus Bsc 1st Year Important Questions (2nd Paper)

(Differential Calculus Bsc 1st Year)

  • Write the formula of the Radius of curvature for the parametric curve.
  • Write the method of inspection to find Asymptotes.
  • Write the working rule for finding the nature of double points of the curve f(x,y)=0
  • Write Duplication Formula.
  • Define Rectification. 
  • Write the formula to evaluate double integrals in cartesian coordinates.
  • Find the volume of the solid, generated by revolving the cardioid r=a(1+cos theta) 


Question - What are the subjects in BSc maths 1st year?

Answer - Part-1 (1st Year) (Set Theory, Matrices, Abstract Algebra, Theory of Equations and Trigonometry, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, and Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions)

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