BA 1st Year English Literature Syllabus 2023-2024

This post is being given ba 1st year English literature syllabus 2023-2024 session. 

This syllabus is a common syllabus for the students of b.a 1st year English. 

This ba English 1st year syllabus covers all the subject-related topics. 

Which are important to the upcoming ba 1st year English exam. 

The maximum number of questions will be covered by this syllabus. 

You can start to prepare for the examination by following this syllabus. 

Your confidence level will be increased day by day. 

All the points have been covered through b.a. 1st year English syllabus. 

This English honours syllabus for the first year is common. 

We have provided the pattern of the syllabus like the previous year. 

This will provide information on ba English subjects in the first year to help the students. 

Every university has a different syllabus, so you focus only on your university syllabus. 

There may be variations in the b.a English honours syllabus from different universities. 

If your university syllabus does not match this one, use this pattern of syllabus. 

Some critical information for B.A 1st Year English 1st Paper & 2nd Paper.

Time – 3 Hours (Depends on university syllabus)

Full Marks – 100 (Depends on university syllabus)

Distribution of Marks: - 1st Paper

  • 17½ x 4 = 70
  • 15 x 2 = 30

Distribution of Marks: - 2nd Paper

Explanations (4 out of 8) 7½ x 4 = 30

Critical Questions (4 out of 8) 15 x 4 = 60

Alternative questions to be set Prosody

  • Scanning a passage 4 marks
  • Definition of two prosodic terms/figures of speech 6 marks

B.A English Subjects Syllabus

B.A 1st Year English Syllabus 1st Paper 


Poetry and Drama

  • William Shakespeare: The Seven Ages of Man
  • Edmund Spenser: One Day I Wrote Her Name
  • Christopher Marlowe: The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships
  • John Milton: On His Blindness
  • Alexander Pope: Ode on Solitude

  • John Donne: Go and Catch a Falling Star
  • Oliver Goldsmith: The Village School Master (Extract from “Deserted Village”)
  • William Wordsworth: The World is Too Much with Us
  • John Keats: Ode to Beauty

  • William. Shakespeare: As You Like It


  • Fritz Karinthy: Refund
  • Anton Chekhov: Proposal


  • Literary History - Renaissance, Reformation, Puritan Age, Metaphysical Movement, Restoration Period, Neo-Classical Age, Romanticism
  • Literary Terms - Sonnet, Elegy, Lyric, Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Hyperbole, Pun, Comedy, Tragedy, Tragi-comedy, Rhyme, Rhythm, Ode
  • Required Readings: Ambrosia(Macmillan) 
  • Further Readings
  • Abrams, M.H: A Glossary of Literary Terms (Macmillan)
  • Trivedi, R. D: A Compendious History of English Literature ( Vikas)

English Paper 1 (Patliputra University Syllabus)

  1. History of English Literature from the Elizabethan Age to the Victorian Age
  2. History of the English Language
  • a. Dialects of Middle English
  • b. Word Formation
  • c. Borrowings

B.A 1st year English Syllabus 2nd Paper 


Prose and Fiction


  • Francis Bacon: Of Studies
  • Richard Steele: The Spectator Club
  • Charles Lamb: A Bachelor’s Complaint against the Behaviour of Married People


  • Oliver Goldsmith: On National Prejudices
  • B. Russell: Machines and Emotions
  • Virginia Woolf: Professions for Women
  • V.S Naipaul: Seven Rules for Writing

Unit –3

  • Oscar Wilde: The Model Millionaire
  • K. Mansfield: A Cup of Tea
  • H. Munro (Saki): The Open Window
  • Edgar Allan Poe: Some Words with a Mummy


  • Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist


  • Literary Terms - Climax, Catastrophe, Myth, Fable, Plot, Metre, Soliloquy, Aside
  • Literary History - Elizabethan Prose, History of English Novel, 18th Century Prose

Required Readings: Imprints (Macmillan)

Further Readings: - Abrams, M.H: A Glossary of Literary Terms (Macmillan) Trivedi, R. D: A Compendious History of English Literature (Vikas)

English Paper 2 (Patliputra University Syllabus)

1- Chaucer: Nun’s Priest’s Tale
2- Donne: Death Be Not Proud
  • Go and Catch a Falling Star
  • The Sun Rising

3- Milton: Lycidas

4- Pope: Rape of the Lock

5- Coleridge : The Ancient Mariner

6- Arnold: The Scholar Gypsy

Alternative questions to be set -


  • Scanning a passage
  • Definition of two prosodic terms/figures of speech

B.A English Book 1st Year

BA 1st Year English Literature Books

  • English Literature (Prose & Fiction) - Parth Publication
  • English Poetry - Dr Mohd. Mazhar - (Vimal Prakashans)
  • History of English Literature - Satish Kumar and M.K.Srivastava
  • English For BA - S.A.Bukhari

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