BA 1st Year Political Science Syllabus 2023-2024 Session

Today we will discuss on BA 1st Year Political Science Syllabus 2023-2024 Session in detail. 

This syllabus is in the English language.

I would like to explain that political science is the science that studies both the state and government institutions related to the human being as a political and social animal. 

Political Science is a broad subject or field of study. 

Political Science includes all these things.

Today we will learn about the Political Science Syllabus. 

The ba 1st year political science syllabus given in this post is common.

The purpose of providing this syllabus is to help those students who want to know the subject list of ba first year political science syllabus.

All the chapters of Political Science subject have been covered in this syllabus. 

Students can read these chapters and prepare questions and answers from their textbooks. 

All universities have their own syllabus. 

You should keep that syllabus as a priority.

There is a lot to read in b.a first year political science syllabus. 

If the chapters of the subject are not kept in order, then the students suffer a lot.

This point has been kept in mind while writing this Common Syllabus.

Let's start.

Political Science BA 1st Year Syllabus 2023-2024

BA First Year Political Science Syllabus

B.A 1st Year Political Science Syllabus 1st Paper In English

Paper-1 (Principles of politics)

(A) Nature and extent of political science –

  • 1. What is politics?
  • 2. Liberal and Marxist ideology of politics.
  • 3. Modern Political Science, Nature and Limitation.
  • 4. Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Political Science, Others
  • Relating to social science
  • 5. System of Study of Political Science.
(B) State –
  • 1. Definition and Elements.
  • 2. Nature of the State.
  • 3. Means target goal.
  • 4. Functions of the State, Liberal, Social and Welfare State.
  • 5. Rise and Expansion of the Modern State.
(C) Dominance -
  • 1. Unitarianism in the context of Einstein's ideology.
  • 2. Pluralism with special reference to Lansky and machine ideology.


(D) Rajastak Sichar Section –
  • 1. Law 
  • 2. Liberals and Marxists of Liberty in Special Reference to Negatives and Positives Ideology.
  • 3. Dimensions of Equality, Political, Social and Economic Relationship between rights and equality.
  • 4. Rights, with special reference to liberal and Marxist ideology, and  Laski's theory concerning
  • 5. Nyaya - Legal, Political, Social, and Economic Dimensions of Justice, in Liberty and Justiceties
(E) Democracy –
  1. Classical, pluralist, elitist and Marxist ideology
  2. Democracy in a special context.
  3. Political party.
  4. Pressure Groups.
  5. System of Opinion and Representation.
(F)Approach and Concept –
  • 1 pragmatism
  • 2. Legitimacy
(G) Six political bonds and Principles of state work –
  • 1. Unity.
  • 2. Idealism.
  • 3. Marxist 
  • 4. Political Socialism, Parliamentary Socialism.
  • 5. Lessonism and Democratic Socialism.
  • 6. Fascist 
  • 7. Gandhism

B.A 1st Year Political Science Syllabus Second Paper 

Paper-2 (Comparative Government and Politics (with special reference to the UK, USA, Switzerland and Russia)

  • 1. Nature and extent of comparative government and politics.
  • 2. Political System and Political Process.
  • 3. Approach to Comparative Politics.
  • 4. Executive system.
  • 5. Legislative system.
  • 6. Judiciary system.
  • 7. Federal system.
  • 8. Procedure to amend the Constitution.
  • 9. Party System.
  • 10. Pressure Group

BA 1st Year Political Science Book

Political Science BA 1st Year Book (Recommended Books)

BA First Year Political Science Book Name
  • Comparative Politics - Virkeshwar Prasad Singh
  • Comparative Politics - Gandhiji Rai
  • Comparative Politics - Prabhudutt Sharma
  • Comparative Politics - Paramatma Sharan

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