BA 1st Year History Syllabus 2022-2023 Session

Through this post, I am going to place ba 1st year history syllabus 2022-2023 in front of you. 

Each chapter of the subject has been added to this History Syllabus.

Students can know by reading this syllabus what is asked in ba 1st year history. 

Which chapters are included?

It is like a common history syllabus that will guide students about the subject.

It has been kept similar to the history honours 1st year syllabus of the university.

Questions related to Ancient History, and Great Britain's History have been included in this syllabus.

We added the ba 1st year history book name in this post too. 

These suggested books are textbooks and will help the ba first year history students. 

BA First Year History Syllabus

B.A First Year History Syllabus 2022-2023

BA 1st Year History 1st Paper Important Questions

Paper-1 (History of India from the Earliest Time to 1206 A. D.)

  • 1. Sources of Ancient Indian History.
  • 2. Pre-history, The method, and significance
  • 3. Indus Valley Civilization, special reference to Town Planning, Features of material culture, religion, and script; social structure, decline, and legacy.
  • 4. Cultural patterns from 1500 B. C. to 600 B.C.; economy, society, polity, and ideological belief as reflected in early and later Vedic literature.
  • 5. New religious movement: material and ideological background; Mahavir - Jain religion and philosophy; Gautam Buddha – Buddhist religion and philosophy.
  • 6. Age of Mauryas - administrative organization, society, economy religion, and art. Ashoka’s concept of Dhamma; the decline of the Mauryan Empire.
  • 7. Development in the post-Mauryan period (200 B.C to 300 A.D) special reference to Shung, Kushanas, and the Satvahanas; administrative institution, commerce, and
  • literature.
  • 8. The age of the Guptas; beginning and expansion of the empire under Chandragupta I, Samudragupta, and Chandragupta II; administrative system, cultural development,
  • literature, religion, and science and technology.
  • 9. Harshvardhan - conquest and religious policy.
  • 10. Palas - cultural contribution.
  • 11. Origin and role of the Rajputs from 8th century A.D to 12th century A.D.
  • 12. South India - the cultural contribution of Pallavas and Chalukyas of Vatapi and their administrative system.
  • 13. Advent of the Arabs - political and cultural Impact.
  • 14. Advent of the Turks - Ghaznavides & the Ghoris.
BA 1st Year History 2nd Paper Important Questions
  • 1. Early Stuart; Sovereigns – their Constitutional conflict with Parliament Foreign policy.
  • 2. Personal Rule (11yrs) of Charles 1st (1629 – 1640).
  • 3. Civil War, the rise of Cromwell.
  • 4. Cromwell: Constitutional experiments, foreign policy.
  • 5. Restoration of 1660; Nature and significance. The foreign policy of Charles II.
  • 6. Constitutional significance of the region of George I and George II. Domestic and Foreign Policy of Walpole.
  • 7. Agricultural Revolution in the 18th century – its main features.
  • 8. The Industrial Revolution; Causes and Impact.
  • 9. George III; Attempt for the revival of Royal power and its failure. Achievements of Pitt the Younger, domestic and foreign affairs.
  • 10. Expansion of Franchise, the First Reform Act (1832), the second Reform Act (1867) the third Reform Act (1884).
  • 11. Achievements of Robert Peel.
  • 12. Gladstone and Disraeli: Social Reforms and Imperialism.
  • 13. Factors leading to England’s participation in the First World War.
  • 14. The Rise and Progress of the Labour Party. 

BA 1st Year History Book In English

B.A 1st Year History Book 2022-2023 - Recommended Books To Read

BA First Year History Book Name 

  • History of Ancient India – Mittal
  • History of Ancient India – Dr. Chitra Tavar
  • Political History of Ancient India - Roy Chowdhury
  • History of Ancient India - Radhakrishna Choudhary
  • History of Ancient India- Kunwar and Kunwar
  • History of Ancient India - Dinanath Vava
  • History of Great Britain - Dr. AK Mittal
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