BA 1st Year Geography Important Questions 2024

Today ba 1st year geography important questions 2023-2024 are being flashed. 

These questions are for the students of ba part 1. 

These geography ba 1st year questions have already been asked in the exam. 

This one can be used as a model question paper for upcoming exams. 

You can see these questions as a blueprint of Geography. These topics are helpful to make Indian geography ba 1st year handwritten notes. 

Write these ba 1st year geography model paper 2023-2024 in the notebook. 

Then open the chapter related to the question in your textbook. 

Now read it completely and highlight the important points. 

Start to write the answer to these b.a first year geography questions. 

After writing the answers to all the questions, try to memorize them by writing them down. 

Through this process, you will also remember the b.a. first year geography question paper answers. 

The subject of geography is very interesting for those students who have the desire to know about nature, the earth, the atmosphere, water creatures, etc. 

As well as this subject is also helpful in making their career. 

For those who have good knowledge of the subject of Geography, there is a strong possibility of getting good jobs in both government and private places. 

The more you read this subject by assimilating it, the better you will understand the topic. 

So conscious if preparing ba first year geography paper. 

We have collected these ba part 1 geography questions from previous year's geography question papers, so focus on solving these on a priority basis. 

All these BA geography 1st year questions help you to enhance your marks in exams. 

Let's start to write the answer.

BA 1st Year Geography Important Question

BA 1st Year Geography 1st Paper Important Questions

Paper-1 (Part 1)
  • Describe the local winds of the world.
  • Describe the origin, type, and season of the temperate cyclone.
  • Explain Thornthwaite's climate classification in detail.
  • Describe the internal structure of the earth.
  • Describe the geological time scale in detail.
  • Describe the topography created by volcanic action.
  • Describe the landforms formed by glacial erosion.
  • Tell what is the difference between weather and climate, as well as describe the elements of climate.
  • Describe the Atlantic Ocean bottom relief.
  • Describe the oceanic deposits.
  • Into how many parts is the scientific concept related to the origin of the earth divided?
  • Which is the largest and nearest planet in the solar system? And in which galaxy is the solar system located?
  • How many planets are there in our solar system? And which is the smallest planet?

Paper-1 (Part 2) (Geomorphology, Climatology, and Oceanography)

  • Describe the theory of plate tectonics.
  • Give an account of the landforms formed by river erosion.
  • Give a brief account of the theory of Continental Drift.
  • Critically examine the Geosynclinal Orogen theory of Kober.
  • Describe the process of erosion under arid conditions and discuss the chief topographical features of the desert landscape.
  • What conditions are essential for the development of Kast topography? Discuss the evolution of Kast topography.
  • What is an air mass? Classify it.
  • Discuss Koppen's Scheme of classification of climate.
  • Describe the bottom relief of the Indian Ocean.
  • Throw light on the currents of the Atlantic Ocean.

BA 1st Year Geography 2nd Paper Important Questions

Paper 2 (Part 1)

  • Describe the characteristics and types of rural settlements.
  • What is 'Global Heating'? Discuss its side effects.
  • "Human is a product of the earth's surface" Explain the statement.
  • Describe the definition and scope of human geography.
  • Explain the species classification of 'Griffith Taylor'.
  • Give details of the place of residence, food, and social system of the people of the pygmy caste.
  • Describe the factors affecting the distribution of the population.
  • Write a comment on the following - Seasonal Migration, Effects of Migration
  • What is meant by urban settlements? Describe their shapes and forms.
  • Write comments on the following - Forest Destruction, Soil Pollution, Water Pollution, Air Pollution

Paper-2 (Part 2) (Geography of Asia)

  • Discuss the characteristics of agriculture in Bangladesh.
  • Give a balanced geographical account of Sri Lanka.
  • Divide Asia into physiographic units and describe any one of them.
  • Describe the climatic conditions of Asia during the rainy season.
  • Give an account of the natural vegetation of Asia.
  • Divide Asia into agro-climatic regions and describe their characteristics in brief.
  • Describe the salient features of agriculture in China.
  • Give an account of the reserve and production of coal in China.
  • Divide Japan into industrial regions and describe them briefly.
  • Give a geographical account of either the Red Basin of China or the Tokyo-Yakohoma region of Japan.

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